Barcelona city tours is a perfect opportunity to have a perfect vacation outside the Baltic States. Gene Zolotarev on how to destabilize the EU financial system. Best budget smartphones from Latvia-based manufacturer. The latest budget smartphone Just5 SPACER 2s with 4G provides much greater freedom, speed and opportunities for Internet users.



  • 2015-06-04
  • Linas Jegelevicius

KLAIPEDA - Single Lithuanian artists make a living from what they do best: creating art. The majority, meanwhile, ekes out juggling various jobs to make ends meet, while a few are outspoken activists for human rights or a social cause. But Vilma Fiokla Kiure, an artist and a s...

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Lunch With An Information Warrior

Of course I agree with President Dalia Grybauskaite,” replies my lunch companion. “The reality is that we are under attack from Russia, and the reality is not good.” The view from the window of our meeting place, a restaurant opposite Cathedral Square in centr...

Why the idea of Russian invasion in the Baltics is absurdity

WARSAW - Since the annexation of Crimea and especially since the beginning of active war in the east of Ukraine, Russia’s neighbors to the north and west of Ukraine have grown more and more concerned about their own security. The debate of “how to protect ourselves if Putin invades&rd...

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