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Life-changing experience for American Latvian interns in ancestral land

  • 2016-05-19
  • Emma Ikstruma

The American Latvian Association (ALA) recently celebrated its 65th anniversary and is sending a new group of young interns to work in the Baltics.  ALA’s recently re-elected president, Peteris Blumbergs, agreed to discuss issues of US-Latvian relations and the thre...

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Ukraine’s Eurovision victory shifts focus from music to politics

As Lithuania increased its foothold in the Eurovision Song Contest with a well deserved 9th position, its artist Donny Montell vowed to come back again and try to win next year. But the whole spectacle was overshadowed by Ukraine’s victory, which somehow seemed to shift the focus from the m...

A rainbow coalition for Lithuania

Predicting election results is a notoriously tricky business, as the rise of Donald Trump has shown. Analysts and pollsters failed to appreciate the singular nature of his candidacy, and, more embarrassingly, the depth of the frustration and anger that has engulfed a significant part of the Ameri...

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