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“Resistance to Russian invasion now would not match that in 1940s”

  • 2015-03-05
  • By Linas Jegelevičius

KLAIPEDA - The escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been an ongoing enigma for many of Lithuania’s best political analysts and commentators. One of the wisest among these wise men is Vytautas Bruveris, a political analyst and senior staff writer for the dai...

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Russia’s very pragmatic “allies”

WARSAW - Exactly a year ago Russian Special Forces — the infamous “green men” — were actively involved in the seizure of control of key sites in Crimea. Unidentified professional paratroopers “helped” Crimean pro-Russia activists and politicians to promptly org...

Russia bullies Sweden and Sweden blinks

Sweden has, if nothing else, added a new definition to the concept of partnership. Earlier this week the Swedish daily Expressen reported that an extraordinary meeting had taken place between the state secretary in the Foreign Ministry, Annika Soder, and Russia’s ambassador t...

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