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Who needs another Russian channel?

  • 2015-05-22
  • by Franks Gordons

In my opinion,  those who think that a special Russian channel on LTV would only make Latvia look like a bi-communal country are right. Belgium, as we all know, is a bi-communal country and all government institutions, including television, are duplicated in both language...

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Why the idea of Russian invasion in the Baltics is absurdity

WARSAW - Since the annexation of Crimea and especially since the beginning of active war in the east of Ukraine, Russia’s neighbors to the north and west of Ukraine have grown more and more concerned about their own security. The debate of “how to protect ourselves if Putin invades&rd...

Lithuanian NGOs grapple with state’s mistrust and shady image

Unlike Western NGOs, which are powerful and respected, the Lithuanian non-governmental sector is still underestimated and dealing with a slew of issues. For Egle Celiesiene, civil society has been her bread and butter: at the University of Educational Sciences she teaches about Civil Society and ...

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