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UK Latvian Ambassador: Although nothing is set in stone yet, no need for worries

  • 2017-04-19
  • Philip Houseley

The British Ambassador to Latvia, Sarah Cowley,  is the opposite of most  people’s idea of an  ambassador.   Young, svelte, and family orientated, she has had a meteoric rise up the foreign and commonwealth ladder. Sarah Cowley took up her positi...

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Populism at the barrel of a gun?

So far, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Polish Law and Justice (PiS) Party Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński’s “illiberal” counterrevolution has meant cracking down on the independent judiciary, public media, and – in the case of Orbán’s government ...

Europe’s reform opportunity

The Eurozone crisis is far less dangerous now than during its peak years of 2010-2013. Growth has picked up across the European Union, and 5 million jobs were created between 2014-2017. But the EU banking union remains incomplete, Greece and the Italian banking sector are facing challeng...

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