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Putin calls for "mutually respectful dialogue" between Moscow and Tallinn

  • 2015-11-26

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has called for “mutually respectful” dialogue between Moscow and Tallinn.  Putin believes it would facilitate the border treaties’ agreement between the two countries.  The Rus...

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Lithuanian defence and National Security chairman blames Russia for Turkey incident

Following the shooting down of a Russian Air Force Sukhoi SU-24 bomber over Turkish airspace, Arturas Paulauskas, the chairman of the Lithuanian parliamentary National Security and Defense Committee, said "there would be certain tensions," and noted that Turkey had repeatedly warned Russia against flying above its territory. "The warnings were rather categorical,” Palauskas told BNS on November 24 - the day of the downing. “They didn't listen,...

Lithuanian FoMin - downing of Russian plane "highly serious incident"; denies activation of NATO Article 4

According to Lithuania’s Foreign Minister, Linas Linkevicius, the downing of the Russian Air Force Sukhoi SU-24 in Turkish air space is a “highly serious incident.” However, Linkevicius echoed the views of Lithuania’s mission to NATO, that it is not entirely unexpected following repeated violations of the Turkish air space by Russia. In his words, "this is the first time that NATO forces have shot down a Russian warplane."...

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