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““Ventspils Nafta” Terminals” Ltd CEO: “Local obstacles not beneficial to Latvia's transhipment sector”

  • 2016-06-29
  • Linas Jegelevicius

With a steep dip in Latvia’s cargo volumes this year, Lars Pantzlaff, the managing director of ““Ventspils Nafta” Terminals” Ltd (VNT), one of the largest taxpayers in Ventspils and Latvia, warns that local authorities have to rethink policies tow...

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Latvian expats report increased hate speech post-Brexit; Latvia vows to discuss protective measures

Latvia is ready for bilateral talks with Great Britain to ensure the protection of the Latvian nationals residing in the country, Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics (Unity) told the press after a closed meeting with Saeima European Affairs Committee Tuesday. Latvia expects UK authorities to react clearly and effectively to all cases of hate speech, the minister said, adding that about 15 EU nations have named the protection of their expatriates as a priority in their future ...

No followers of Brexit example in sight at the moment - Estonian diplomat

Although extremist parties from France to Slovakia have followed UK’s path by suggesting referendums, there currently doesn't appear to be a realistic chance of additional votes taking place, although nothing can be ruled out any longer, Estonia's Ambassador to the European Union Matti Maasikas said in an interview with Eesti Paevaleht. The UK opting to remain in the EU on considerably more advantageous conditions is highly unlikely, Maasikas said. "How c...

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