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Alternative Finpari review.
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Ukraine's economy in 2017 - when dreams of growth meet geopolitical reality

  • 2017-02-01
  • Gene Zolotarev

Those who follow the ups and downs of Ukraine’s economy cannot help but ask one obvious question — what is the “cause” behind all this “effect”? While the obvious disconnect between the economic data and market performance is sometimes baffl...

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Russia's parliament ends term with more repression

Last week, the Russian State Duma of the sixth convocation held its last plenary session, breaking up ahead of the Sept. 18 parliamentary election. The end of this legislature was fitting: its very last act was to adopt a draconian package introduced by United Russia lawmaker Irina Yarovaya that ...

US ambassador Kurt Volker: Putin wants military dominance in Baltics

Ambassador Kurt Volker is a leading expert in US foreign and national security policy with some 30 years of experience working in government, academia, and in the private sector. He has worked on European political and security issues under five US Administrations. He has held the positions of Un...

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