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Moscow's main goal in Baltics to sow doubts about NATO response

  • 2015-02-25
  • by Paul Goble

Moscow’s “main goal” in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania at the present time is to convince portions of the population of these three countries that NATO will not defend them if Moscow uses the kind of hybrid war it has against Ukraine and thus spark defeatist a...

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Belarus is "the key to the Baltic countries" for Putin: Shevtsova

For Vladimir Putin, Belarus is “the key to the Baltic countries” as a military-strategic outpost and thus quite possibly Minsk will turn out to be “much more important for the Russian system than Ukraine is, according to Liliya Shevtsova, a Russian commentator now at the Brookin...

Gotland: the Baltic's weak link?

Dear Russian military planners: In the Baltic Sea, about 50 miles from Sweden and 80 miles from Latvia, there’s a large island that would perfectly suit the interests of a country like yours. Let’s speak entirely hypothetically. By occupying Gotland, even temporarily, you could preven...

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