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Riga officials: Moscow using Russian organisations to destabilise Latvia

  • 2015-03-10
  • by Paul Goble

Solvita Āboltiņa, chairman of the Latvian parliament’s security committee, says that the 100 NGOs in Latvia receiving money from Moscow are not “organizations concerned with the development of the culture and traditions of national minorities in Latvia." &...

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Moscow faces obstacles to closer involvement with Latvian Russians

An appeal to the Russian Duma by the leader of a non-citizens' NGO in Latvia is the tip of the iceberg of Moscow’s increasing involvement with ethnic Russians in that Baltic republic, a worrisome development in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s “hybrid war” in Ukraine but o...

Lithuanian Independence Day and American soldiers

This blog is called “Transatlantic Connection,” and this week in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, I experienced true transatlantic connections in action. As two colleagues and I jostled for a spot in the crowded Parliament Square for the country’s 25th anniversary celebrations, ...

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