Police hope to speak louder, carry bigger stick

TALLINN - On Jan. 7 a proposed set of amendments to sharply expand police powers was finalized by th

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Making the Vilnius Jewish Library a reality

TALLINN - I caught up with Wyman Brent at a hostel in Tallinn's Old Town just after Christmas. A few

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Number of Russian visitors slumps

TALLINN - Estonia's travel industry got a large stone in its holiday stocking this year as the numbe

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Top Latvian businesswoman gunned down

RIGA - A prominent Latvian businesswoman was shot dead outside her home on the morning of Jan. 7, a

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Two arrested over forged passports

RIGA - Two former government workers have been arrested in connection with a widening criminal inves

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Environment minister resigns

VILNIUS - Environment Minister Arunas Kundrotas resigned on Jan. 7 after enduring continued criticis

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Tallinn's 'Treaure Island'

TALLINN 's- Dubai has them in the shape of a palm tree, the Netherlands is planning them in the

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Speak Lithuanian online at last!

VILNIUS -- If you've ever wanted to email someone in Lithuanianbut didn't want to spend hours

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High-speed link for Lithuania

VILNIUS -- Lithuanian railways is finalising pla

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