Surgical and Dental Instruments from Pakistan

Allow me to reach out directly to all of you in the Healthcare Market here to express our interest to be your partners in supplying our products and help you SAVE your precious money while buying your instruments for use in most of Surgical & Dental procedures.

Almost everyone in the healthcare industry knows, or should know, that these instruments manufactured in Pakistan have no real competitor. The only other country having the expertise/skills of manufacturing superior quality surgical and dental instruments of basic nature is Germany and even they no longer find it feasible for them, due to high production cost, to manufacture themselves and most of the production from Germany has shifted to Pakistan. Semi-finished, or almost finished goods are imported from there and repackaged in Germany, Europe and even USA and then sold at exorbitant prices.

We think this less than fair to us and to the consumers of our products. And we wish to take up this with all of you, those directly or indirectly involve in procurement of such instruments for the healthcare market here. You can be absolute certain that this will benefit your organization greatly. You will SAVE substantially!

We, M/s. Ulrich Surgical & Dental Instruments, are a family owned business in Pakistan manufacturing excellent quality stainless steel Hand Instruments for almost all surgical and dental procedures. Our products are of such good quality that we claim them to be comparable with any in the market, regardless of the brands they carry and origin they claim.

If you like to see the proof of what what I am claiming here. Contact us to see a few samples of some products. Once you have them, check them out for their quality both material and workmanship, put them through whatever tests you deem necessary. If needed We will be glad to meet you to discuss your requirements.

Sounds interesting enough to seriously consider, then do just that and consider the potential of our teaming up.

Any comments, questions are most welcome right here:
[email protected]
WhatsApp 00491794032313


The Baltic Times, the longest established English language newspaper in the Baltic States providing quality news, business stories and entertainment in English for almost 30 years, is enduring and persevering and continues publishing a 88-page 10,000-circulation glossy magazine The Baltic TimesMagazine.

The summer edition of The Baltic Times Magazine 2021 will feature a wide variety of pan-Baltic articles and interviews covering a wide of subjects, including politics, business, health and personalities.

The Baltic Times Magazine 2021 (each packed in a cellophane covering for your safety!) will be sent to over 5,000 print and online subscribers of The Baltic Times and will go on sale at local news standsin tohe largest cities of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The magazine will be published by mid-August.If the coronavirus pandemic situation allows, it will be also placed free in business lounges of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn airports, universities, business centers, ministries, etc.

Part of the magazine content will be published free online on The Baltic Times and disseminated on the newspaper’s social media.To break down our readership, most come from Scandinavia and Germany (ca 30%), as many from the Baltics themselves (embassies, NGOs, trade missions and foreign capital firms, etc), 20% from the US and nearly as many from Ukraine/Belarus and Russia.

These rates are advisable as the guidelines for potential advertisers (plus VAT):
2nd page –700 euro
3rd page – 600 euro
4th and 5th pages - 500 euro each
6th- 7th pages – 400 euro each
8th, 9th, 10th, 11th,, 12th, 13th pages – 300 euro each
14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21th, 22nd,23th,24th,25th page – 250 euro each
Any page from 26 until 85th page – 200 euro each
86th page-400 euro
87th page – 500 euro88th page (cover)- 1000 euro

Linas Jegelevicius,
The Baltic Times editor-in-chief
+370 620 5344


My mother's name is/was Teresa Miraida Daugule, born April 1st 1927 and she has/had sisters named Tamara, Dzidra and Ausma.If you have any information regarding this family, please contact me, George Campana in Canada at:

1778B Hilliard Way
Douro-Dummer, Ontario
K0L 2H0

Certainly I would have relatives still in the area of Riga, Latvia, where my mother was born.

For Sale


  • Six-story administrative building in historic city center, 1 106.4 m2
  • Fully renovated and beautifully furnished
  • Prestigious location, quality finishing, fully modernized (elevator, air-conditioning)
  • Ideal for an embassy, corporate headquarters or a luxury family home
  • Price reduced from EUR 2,950,000 to EUR 1,850,000 for a quick sale

To schedule a visit please email us at [email protected]


"SOLO TEATRO" 2019 m. spring repertoire:

For Sale

Large ground floor apartment for sale in Trakai
170 metres,3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 3 bathrooms 60 metre terrace
100 metres from lake,1 km from centre ,new development
total luxury, fully furnished , gated community
to view contact 868544592


TransBaltica 2018

The main topics of the XXI International Conference TransBaltica 2018 will be dedicated to the development trends and prospects of the international market of transport and transit services, development forecasts of Baltic transit sphere and transit infrastructure projects in the united Europe, development of stable and mutually advantageous cooperation with partners from European and Asian countries.



Elevator Engineers

We are a well-established Elevator Installation company based in London who due to continued growth are looking for Experienced Elevator Engineers, Improvers and Mates.You will be responsible for the installation of lifts to EN81 and relevant British Standard, having at least 3 years within the industry.Our projects are mainly located in London and UK areas.We work for all major Elevator Contractors and have work for the next 3 years.

NVQ3 Lift Installation or equivalent qualification will be required.
Employed directly by Company
Job Type: Full-time
Call Julie ......+44 1767317309 +44 7943893318
Excellent Rates of Pay

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