Why is the use of VPN in Estonia increasing?

  • 2021-02-07

Our country has a small population of just over 1.3 million people, where more than 85% of people manage to enjoy the internet normally.

The nation supports freedom of thought and opinion so much that the limitations in Estonia on the material that can be found on the internet are considered to be one of the lightest in the world.

In fact, until just over a decade ago there was no censorship at all. However, in early 2010 the government began blocking remote gambling sites and although the restriction of sites has grown subtly, Estonia continues to be a beacon for free expression on the web.

This independence is usually an advantage to the community. However, it has certain drawbacks, particularly for those users who access the internet via a public Wi-Fi network. There is especially the possibility of digital threats of stealing personal data and financial information.

A constitutional change introduced in 2010 now makes it possible for the Estonian authorities to prosecute journalists who do not reveal the source of information about criminal news.

Although the law was rarely announced, it has raised concerns among Estonian journalists. Among other things, although limitations on the web are small, there were reports of the removal of online material, including videos from YouTube.

You will even be able to access streaming content without restrictions. Many use VPN to watch Netflix in other countries with a bigger selection, like the USA.

Approximately 1000 foreign gambling websites are restricted, so users may require a VPN to access geographically blocked material in the country.

A VPN, as its initials stand for Virtual Private Network, is a tool that allows your computer to simulate being in a different location than it really is. Usually, companies have their own VPN, configured so that employees can access the company's servers from their homes. The IP address in particular is assigned geographically, so that it can be tracked to the user's current location. The VPNetic website supports the fact that by using a VPN, the user can choose an IP from a different country, as well as encrypting the information, which is essential for safeguarding personal data on the network, eliminating the possibility of man-in-the-middle.