What Kind of Gambling Licenses Are There in Latvia?

  • 2021-08-05

Gambling industries are becoming active worldwide. But in the Baltic regions and Latvia, there is a rapid increase in the development and advancement of the gambling industry. While there are many factors, the pandemic situation and changing rules and regulations by the Baltic government are contributing to the industry’s success.

You should pay attention to the licenses required for online and offline gambling in Latvia. The gambling operators require specific licenses to continue operations for the public. Without these licenses or following the strict gambling regulations of Latvia, it is nearly impossible to run the business. However, the top gambling operators such as Automationline.eu carry the right licenses to operate and run their gambling site online.

Gambling Licenses in Latvia

Lotteries License

In Latvia, lotteries fall under the “private” and “national” categories. The national lotteries cover all the country residents, while the private lotteries are for a small group. These draws can also vary in terms of the gifts and duration to the players. What is important to understand is that lotteries are rarely separate. In fact, they work in combination with real casinos and online gambling platforms.

Usually, players earn lottery tickets while playing online or at land-based slot machines. The number of lottery tickets increases the chances of winning the main prize. The overall general license packages of Latvian casinos comprise the lottery license as well. Obtaining a license separately involves minimum application processing and re-submission time. Not to forget, the Gambling and Lotteries Law of 2005 has a huge role to play in the gambling regulations in Latvia.

Slot Machines License

Slot machines are the most entertaining gambling options as they do not require a set of algorithms, calculations, opponent’s action determination, etc. In fact, the real thing in the case of slot machines is the random number generator. The number generator determines the possibility of winning different prizes.

Because chances of winning are random and there are big prizes, there has to be a thorough checking and verification of the slot machines by a specialized commission. Importantly, this audit for online Latvia casinos involves checking the documentation. Hence, there is a huge responsibility on the supplier and the gambling operator.

It takes nearly 6-12 months to obtain a license for any gambling machine in Latvia. Depending on the territorial coverage and the number of online gambling websites for players, the specific period of license acquisition can vary.

Casino Registration License

In Latvia, casinos can only operate when they are authorized and regulated by government officials. Opening branches is also possible in Latvia when you have the right territorial coverage and licenses.

Casino licenses in Latvia give the opportunity to expand casinos and increase the gambling operations within Latvia. For online casino operations and gambling, all the operators must follow the same registration and licensing processes. Despite that, there is no need to rent spaces for machines.


Many countries have made gambling practices illegal. These countries include China, Russia, and more. Regardless, in the Baltic region, the governments are supportive of legal gambling practices and operations for the public.

Moreover, besides proper licensing and complying with regulations, there isn’t much that the government demands from the gambling operators. There are fixed taxes and similar rates helping the Latvian casinos to operate successfully during the pandemic. Conclusively, the licensing costs in Latvia for gambling operations are also substantially low.