We must find a way to isolate Russia internationally - Latkovskis

  • 2022-02-24
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - In response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a way must be found to isolate Russia internationally, both economically and politically and diplomatically, Ainars Latkovskis, the head of New Unity's Saeima group and a member of the Saeima Defense, Interior Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee, told LETA.  

The politician drew attention to the statements made by Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins (New Unity), emphasizing that it is absolutely right that the Prime Minister requests that consultations with NATO member states be initiated in accordance with Article 4 of the NATO Treaty.

Latkovskis emphasized that in these circumstances there is no doubt about the unity of NATO, as well as after the recognition of Vladimir Putin's two bandit "republics", the European Union (EU), including Germany, gave a unified response with the introduction of initial sanctions.

The EU's swift and firm response to the situation is crucial, and sanctions must be comprehensive, as the Putin regime is likely to have caused the largest conflict in Europe since World War II, the head of New Unity's Saeima group emphasized.

The politician emphasized that Russian television channels must be blocked in Latvia, and that preparations must be made to defend against cyber attacks. The information technology security incident prevention institution Cert.lv and other Latvian state institutions have been aware of this risk for a long time and vital databases that are important for the functioning of the state protected, the member of the committee emphasized.

The potential of propaganda and disinformation campaigns by Russian regime must also be taken into account, and it is now clear that a number of ''anti-experts'' have suddenly turned into "experts" on the Russian crisis. This only confirms the assumption that these people were deliberately used to promote anti-vaccination as a weapon of Russia against our country, Latkovskis said.

Politicians who defend Russia's actions and fail to condemn aggression against a peaceful Ukraine must "disappear into the dust of history,", Latkovskis said. Such politicians, who defend Russia's aggression against Ukraine, are "moral distortions", said the MP.