Top Criteria for Selecting a Good Development Company

  • 2020-08-19
  • Hillary Walker

Many representatives of modern businesses who use modern technologies are faced with an important task of choosing a reliable IT partner. Companies that develop websites, landing pages, online stores, or mobile applications are widely represented on the market. And sometimes it is quite difficult to make a choice. Is it something you are faced with? Keep reading the post - we have put together the most essential criteria to help you make the most of a reliable web and mobile development company.

1. Focus on the Client's Business Objectives

Understanding the client's business processes is a necessity when it comes to creating a high-quality website, mobile application, or any other IT product. A good IT company considers the development of a website, a mobile application through the prism of the client's business tasks. The goal is not just to develop a website, online store, or mobile application and close the project but to create a tool to achieve certain business goals. After all, a website, a landing page, a mobile application have a specific purpose to fulfill - to stimulate sales, attract new customers, increase brand awareness and loyalty, etc. So, when googling software development companies near me queries, make sure that the picked enterprise handles the work on the global level instead of just executing development tasks.

2. Business Cases

The accumulated experience is another important criterion. It is important to find out what projects the company has worked on earlier. As a rule, IT companies with a good reputation willingly share links to their projects and post case studies on their website. A close examination of the development company portfolio will help assess the quality, technical skills, and level of its work.

3. Recommendations

The ideal option is to get feedback on the company from its previous clients. Contacts of existing and past customers can be requested directly from company representatives. Reviews and recommendations can also be found online.

4. Team

A software development team has a lot to say about the company. This is a kind of indicator of its success, the ability to implement a large project and deliver a quality result on time. However, it is worth choosing an IT company based not only on quantitative but also on qualitative indicators. Check what technologies will be used in the implementation of your project, what specialists are going to be involved in.

5. Methodology and Process of Project Implementation

Reputable IT companies follow well-defined project management methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, or Agile. These help to optimize the development process and ensure effective interaction with the client. At the negotiation stage, it is worth asking what methodology the development company uses and how the client is involved in the development process. After all, total control of project development at all stages of the project implementation significantly affects the final result.

6. Feedback Rate

A high level of customer support and an ongoing follow-up on client requests are highly valued in the IT business. Therefore, the manager of an IT company must quickly respond to client requests. You can test the efficiency of the managers' work by filling out the feedback form on the website of the software development company. Of course, the assessment can be subjective, but you will already have a first impression of the company.

7. Price

In many cases, a price is a determining criterion for choosing a software development company. The development of a website, mobile application, or other IT solution should be viewed as an investment in the future success of the business. After all, each dollar invested in the development of a high-quality IT product can turn into a much greater profit in the future.

The above seven criteria are among the decisive factors that should help you make a choice of a professional development company.