Top 5 digital marketing courses for newbies (free and paid)

  • 2023-01-02


The gilt-edge technology innovation and how businesses embrace the advancement have significantly altered how we correspond and receive information.

Evidently, with the emergence of innovative and cost-effective digital devices, most people can quickly and directly acquire the information they need online.

Today's digital marketing trends have motivated businesses to continually look for updated strategies to optimize customer correspondence with technology.

With that, revitalizing their digital marketing efforts is crucial to ensure that they can keep their consumers engaged and attracted to their offers. 

And, since the business world is now becoming more technologically advanced, it's undeniable that Digital Marketing Courses are booming and are here to dominate the digital world.

Are you looking to explore more about how digital marketing courses can help you prosper in reaching your goals?

Explore the top 5 online marketing courses below and see how each can help you broaden your knowledge about the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Here are the Top 5 Online Marketing Courses:                                                      

Digital Marketing Strategy Bundle: 7 practical courses in 1!: Marketing professionals, comprehensive, and affordable search engine optimization course

Become a Digital Marketer Nanodegree Program (Udacity): Flexible schedule, knowledgeable and reliable technical mentor support

SEO - Strategy 2023. How to rank your website #1 in Google? : Well-developed SEO strategy, effective keywords for search engines, and valuable analytical tools               

Facebook Marketing 2023. Promote Your Business on Facebook!: Affordable, maximized online presence, and outstanding social media strategy

Thinkful Digital Marketing Bootcamp: Customized career coaching, career advancement, and updated workshops

The Top 5 Online Marketing Courses

1. Digital Marketing Strategy Bundle: 7 Practical Courses in 1!

Are you a big-time or small business owner who dreams of expanding your business online? If yes, getting a digital marketing certification from reputable digital marketing channels like this can make a huge difference in developing your business.

As the best digital marketing course, this program's digital marketing training and expertise can educate you about digital marketing disciplines and other advanced business marketing strategies to help you persuade more customers and boost conversion, traffic, and sales.

Suppose you want a comprehensive course where you can master outstanding marketing techniques that can help you create effective strategies. In that case, this course can help you precisely work for your type of business, and learning with this program's industry experts can take you further in your field.

What does "Digital Marketing Strategy Bundle: 7 practical courses in 1" include?    

Key Features

The seven lessons that you will learn when you enroll in this digital marketing training include:

- How to obtain organic traffic from search engines? (SEO)

- How to enhance your marketing (Google Analytics)

- Email marketing to effectively create more sales.

- How to expand your business with the aid of digital marketing (Digital Marketing Approach)

- How to generate more sales with Pay per Click (Google ADS)

- How to produce content that lures the target audience (Content Marketing Strategy)

Who is this course ideal for?

This online marketing course can help entrepreneurs, SEO and SMM specialists, marketers, and content and internet marketers to reach their career, professional, or business goals.

It's a suitable course if you want to learn more about developing online businesses, introducing a brilliant digital marketing approach, mastering online marketing, and multiplying your sales and profit.

Why should you enroll in this digital marketing course?

This Digital Marketing Strategy Bundle offers excellent opportunities for those who prefer learning digital marketing online from top-notch internet marketing experts.

Their online marketing professionals have more than 12 years of experience in digital marketing.

Whether you're a professional or an amateur digital marketing manager, the seven practical courses you will learn from marketing professionals are specifically tailored to help you improve various business aspects.

It's worth noting that students who've already completed this digital marketing expertise course currently work at renowned firms, such as Sanofi, Huawei, Coca-Cola, Metro, etc.

Other inclusions

- 20 downloadable resources

- 14.5 hours of on-demand video

- Full lifetime access

- Five articles

- Access on mobile and TV

- Certificate of completion    


$84.99* (Note: Promo Price is $9.99 to $16.99)

A 30-day money-back guarantee program backs up the Digital Marketing Strategy Bundle online course.


- Develop paid advertising, SEO, and content marketing strategy to beat your competitors

- Attain a deeper understanding of digital marketing analytics and disciplines

- Create an exceptional digital strategy for real-world projects 

- Discover competent traffic tools for your business

- Successfully build competitive market research and analysis

- Find the appropriate online marketing tools to magnify sales

- Establish your business' financial and media plan

- Work with popular social media platforms and tools, search engines, and web analytics.

- Create a compelling SEO strategy to promote your website in search engines

- Work with communities and influencers for content seeding

- Gauge your email marketing strategy and performance

- Initiate remarketing ads campaign to up-sell, convert, and keep customers

- Build customer and segment database

 2. Become a Digital Marketer Nanodegree Program (Udacity)

Searching for an economical means to learn online marketing is no longer a severe challenge with Audacity's "Become a Digital Marketer Nanodegree Program."

They allow you to learn with a marketing professional who is an expert at helping you develop job-ready digital skills.

In addition, there's no need to rush, and you can study their practical marketing courses for merely ten minutes a week, helping you advance your career in three months.

This digital marketing training employs well-educated and highly experienced technical mentors who guide, lead, and motivate their students. You are free to ask some questions to further your knowledge regarding the course. 

What does the "Become a Digital Marketer Nanodegree Program" include?

Key Features

Marketing Data and Technology

This mobile marketing program is about understanding the value of your target audience, engagement efforts, and marketing analytics tools, gauging your acquisition's success, and assessing your user's conversions to your objectives.

Marketing Fundamentals                         

This course offers a structure that you'll use to determine your branding and business' value proposition while organizing your content strategy, customer journey, and networks to attain your business objectives. 

Social Media Marketing (Elective)

Social media platforms have become one of the most prominent marketing tools today. This program will help you master the significance of planning and the differences between generally utilized social media channels.

You'll also learn how to create compelling content for several platforms, establish a community, manage your social media visibility, and generate campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing (Elective)      

This course will help you master the indispensable tactics to accomplish your marketing goals. It is about optimizing your presence in search engine results to make your online marketing strategy a huge success.

Email Marketing (Elective)

This course helps you master unique techniques to create effective email strategies, implement email campaigns, and measure the outcomes. 

SEO Essentials (Elective) 

This elective will teach you some strategies to optimize websites in search engine results with UX design, keywords, and link building.

You will also administer an SEO examination to recommend website improvement.

Digital Advertising (Elective)

This program is about creating campaigns for Google Ads, learning about display advertising, and how to connect with your target audience across diverse channels.

Who is this course ideal for?       

If you're a product manager, data scientist, data engineer, or data analyst or want to explore more programming, business analytics, online advertising, and C++ or hone your digital marketing skills, enrolling in this internet course is a huge plus.

Why should you enroll in this digital marketing course?

Suppose you want to further your marketing, programming, and content marketing know-how and get exposed to real-world examples. In that case, there's no better way to learn digital marketing than mastering the marketing tools offered by this program.

Apart from offering the best pricing, online courses allow you to study when it is most comfortable and convenient for you, allowing you to stick to your schedule without distracting your lessons.        

Other inclusions

- Business      

- Programming         

- Autonomous systems

- Data Science

- Cloud computing

- Artificial intelligence         

- Cyber security                    

- Product Management                               


Study and pay $359 per month

Pay €927 for 3-Month access

Once enrolled, your access will be per month or three months.


- Delight in a flexible digital world learning program and plan that suits your busy lifestyle

- Get access to Linkedin marketing or profile optimization and Github portfolio review to assist you in landing a remunerative job and leveling up your career.

- Learn at your own pace and accomplish your objectives on a convenient schedule          

- Master the required technical and digital marketing skills that prominent firms want for real-world projects

- Learn with instructors who have demonstrated expertise and leadership in their fields and who have achieved the career you aspire

- Become a professional digital marketer that can easily land in high-paying roles or successfully operate a business

SEO - Strategy 2023. How to rank your website #1 in Google?

If you want to use practical SEO tools to set your digital marketing campaign right, this online marketing course might be what you've been searching for.

This course will lead you through valuable and easy-to-understand video tutorials, templates, and checklists.

Enrolling in this program can also ensure that your search engine optimization skills are updated and assist you in marketing yourself to your target, elevating your career to an immense approach.

What does "SEO Strategy 2022. SEO training to TOP rank your website!" include?

Key Features

This SEO strategy course will help you find out the answers to seven crucial questions before building up your project online, including:

- What vital elements affect your search engine ranking?

- How to create a competent search engine optimization strategy?

- What practical and eye-catching keywords to utilize?

- What keeps your website from ranking higher in Google?

- Where can you get links?

- What other websites or competitors have done to succeed?

- What should you know more about search engine algorithms?

Who is this course ideal for?       

SEO specialists, entrepreneurs, marketers, or those searching to learn an online profession will find this course perfect for their needs. Such a search engine marketing course allows students to acquire the skills required for a digital marketing profession.

If you want to be a marketing specialist, the lessons offered in this program allow you to hone your skills to serve your clients well.

Meanwhile, if you're an entrepreneur, you can utilize your newly acquired know-how from this program to operate your online marketing business until you can employ a search engine optimization professional.

Why should you enroll in this digital marketing course?      

Enrolling in this program will offer you greater chances of mastering SEO from highly qualified and professional marketing professionals with extensive experience in digital marketing.

You'll study with a mentor who possesses uncountable marketing certifications and digital marketing qualifications.

These certifications and qualifications include Bing Ads Accredited Professional, Search Ads360 Certified, and Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

Studying this course won't give you a hard time because the courses are straightforward to understand.

You'll also study with marketing professionals and trainers who have initiated more than 1,500 victorious marketing campaigns and marketing strategies during their careers.

Best of all, you can be one of the more than 9,000 digital marketing specialists who took this course and have passed Google Ads digital marketing and Google Analytics certifications.

Once the course is completed, you can secure your search engine optimization from Udemy.

Other inclusions

- Seven downloadable resources

- Secure a copy of the SEO Chapter from the book entitled "Cutting–edge Digital Marketing."

- Two articles

- Take advantage of the program's lifetime access to the course and its updates.

- Access on mobile and TV

- Receive a certificate from Udemy once you complete the course

- 4 hours of on-demand video


$84.99* (Note: Promo Price is $9.99 to $16.99)

The "SEO Strategy 2022. SEO training to TOP rank your website!" is supported by a 30-day money-back guarantee program.


- Master a well-developed search engine optimization strategy that will help you be on top in Google search engine

- Learn how to analyze traffic

- Create an effective marketing strategy to build up your website in search engines.

- Be able to work with analytical tools.

- Master proper techniques in selecting effective keywords

- Analyze your competitors and find ways to outweigh them

- Effortlessly learn the most straightforward methods to building links

Facebook Marketing 2023. Promote Your Business on Facebook!

This course is worth a shot for those who want to expand their proficiency and skills in Facebook Marketing.

Whether you need to start from the beginner level or take the advanced course, you can choose which option works best for your goals and requirements.

Learn with the most qualified and highly experienced instructors who will educate you on social media platform and Google analytics, utilizing and reforming your FB custom audience, every type of FB campaign, and FB Pixel to intensify your online visibility.     

What does "Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2022 | Coursenvy ®" include?

This program will guide you to the right path with your career and business life. This course will help you master how Facebook ADS, FB Marketing, and social media marketing can make your career or business a tremendous success.

Key Features

- Take pleasure in lifetime access to lectures and learn with industry experts

- Ask numerous questions and get the answers you need

- Enjoy tried and tested, original, and fully detailed lessons

- Real-life examples of social media marketing strategies

- Key tactics to optimize FB ads and pages

- How to leverage social media marketing or social media analytics

- Identify which social media pages are suitable for you

- Tips and tricks to effectively reach your target market

Who is this course ideal for?       

This course is a must to consider for anyone searching for the most affordable and highly targeted ad strategies through FB ads or looking to explore the significance of FB Ads.

It's also an excellent aid for influencers, small business owners, public figures, and bloggers who want to use Facebook to upgrade their online presence.

Likewise, if you need to delve into FB Marketing and uncover the uncountable perks it can offer to your business, this course will be worth your time and effort.

Corporations, marketing representatives, online marketers, and advertising managers will also find this program effective in connecting with their target audience without much struggle.           

Why should you enroll in this digital marketing course?

You will gain a lot when you have successfully finished this course. For instance, you'll master how to build and utilize every Facebook advertisement and optimize your ads for reduced expenses and increased conversions.

If you want to increase your Facebook post engagement and page likes, reach out to your new audiences, and instantly mass post to different social media channels, enrolling in this program can help you accomplish all that. 

What's more, if you aim to look for new clients that will direct your brand to new heights through digital marketing, this online business strategy program will help you succeed.

Professional development courses like this offer a practical approach to taking your product, brand, public figure, or service to the next level with the efficiency of FB Marketing or social media strategy.

Other inclusions

- Full lifetime access

- 33 downloadable resources

- 11 and ½ hours of on-demand video

- 32 articles

- Access on mobile and TV

- Certificate of completion

- As a bonus, this program offers full lifetime access without any limits. In line with this, you can receive the digital marketing certification if you finish the program.


$84.99* (With a promo price of $9.99 to $16.99)

This internet course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free option for those who want to master Facebook marketing.


- Gain a deeper understanding of FB Marketing all in one program!

- Reduce your advertisement expenses through Facebook Ads

- Utilize the leading-edge features ready for use in Facebook Business Manager

- Dig up more about sales funnel, retargeting, awareness, and conversion

- Correspond and interact with new target audiences

- Quickly mass post to diverse social media platforms

- Carry out cutting-edge tracking strategies and enforce FB Pixel

- Explore more about FB Ads Manager

- Enjoy an average of $0.01 per like, click, and engagement with BF ads strategies.             

5. Thinkful Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Educators at Thinkful Digital Marketing Bootcamp are selected based on their relevant experience in the industry, academic credentials, and ability to coach.

The mentors gather weekly feedback from their staff and students regarding projects, curriculum, and the student's overall experience. They do this to assess the effectiveness of each lesson or course.

What sets this interesting course apart from its competitors is that it highly regards the industry's need for specific success rates and skill sets with each course to search for areas of enhancement.

Their approach ensures that each program produces rewarding outcomes that correspond to its objective every quarter.

What does "Thinkful Digital Marketing Bootcamp" include?

Key Features

- Learn from online marketing professionals with real-world career experiences and work in the marketing industry

- You can select from Flex programs, designed for part-timers, and Immersion programs, designed for full-timers.

- A myriad of resources and programming that target career advancement and successful results

- Get instant access to their recently launched virtual messaging platform, where you can acquire answers to course-related queries in real-time.

Who is this course ideal for?       

This digital marketing course is perfect for anyone who prefers more customized career coaching.

You will learn more about salary and industry insights, get full-time career support from the day you started, and benefit from this program's resume and LinkedIn writing support.

Apart from these, you will attain exclusive access to open roles and broaden your knowledge through limitless technical interview practices.

This course is ideal for people who want to soar higher in their professions and uncover the marketing strategies they thought they were incapable of doing.

Why should you enroll in this digital marketing course?

This online marketing course offers various programs for various lessons, concentrating on helping you achieve your dream job or prosper in the business world.

You can select from their different payment options and the variety of programs they offer that will conform to your schedule.

Whether you're getting started in your career or want to succeed and be on top, the course you will learn in this digital marketing program can pave the way to the success you've long been aiming for.     

Other inclusions

- Live personal video consultations

- Invaluable career tips and insights

- Curated technological content

- In-depth feedback and reviews

- Career-focused Q&A and updated workshops

- On-demand technical or personalized career mentorship


Pay $4,900 upfront or pay $2,066 each month.

You can choose the plan that suits your requirements best. Meanwhile, non-binary individuals, women, and military veterans are eligible for $200 to $500 discounts, but this may vary depending on the program chosen.


- Gain job-ready skills that highly-paying companies or employers are searching for

- Master how to build and manage an online marketing campaign that conveys a fascinating message, focuses on the appropriate audience and beefs up your firm's return on investment.

- Study with proficient and skillful mentors via live chat or real-time. Ask various questions and instantly get the feedback you need.

- Make better use of the instructional resources and programming offered by educators that teach about career advancement.

Price Comparison Table of the best Digital Marketing Courses




Digital Marketing Strategy Bundle: 7 practical courses in 1!

$84.99* (Note: Promo Price is $9.99 to $16.99)

3 and 1/2 hours of on-demand video/ with 21 downloadable resources and 5 articles

Udacity’s Become a Digital Marketer Nanodegree Program

Study and pay $359 per month

Pay €927 for 3-Month access

Choose from one month or

three-month access

SEO Strategy 2022. SEO training to TOP rank your website!           

$84.99* (Note: Promo Price is $9.99 to $16.99)

4 hours of on-demand video/ with 7 downloadable resources and 2 articles

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2022 | Coursenvy ®

$84.99* (With a promo price of $9.99 to $16.99)

11 and ½ hours of on-demand video w/ 33 downloadable resources and 32 articles

Thinkful Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Pay $4,900 upfront or pay $2,066 each month.

Self-paced lessons; 15 to 20 hours per week/lasts for 3 months

How can I select a suitable digital marketing course?

Whether you’re searching for paid or free digital marketing courses, it's decisive to master how digital marketing works if you want to keep up with the rapidly changing digital trends, especially in business.

For instance, how do you start if you want to enhance your skills in YouTube marketing or create killer social media campaigns? Do you possess the vital internet marketing skills to succeed in your field?

Studying with professionals in digital marketing can give you a tremendous edge, helping you prosper in achieving your career or business goals. However, how do you choose the best online marketing courses? 

Here are some of the things to consider when searching for top digital marketing courses:

Concentrate on your career or business goals  

Which career or type of business do you plan to flourish in? This question is critical because it's best to focus on only one specialization rather than taking up multiple courses simultaneously.

For example, if you're knowledgeable in social media advertising but still prefer to enhance your skills, in that case, you can enroll in social media marketing programs.

There are other options if you want to learn digital marketing basics. These programs are advantageous when pursuing a career in the digital marketing industry.                        

Check if the programs provide certifications or not. Some online digital marketing courses offer free services, but you must pay for the certificate.

Consider if you only want to improve your resume credentials or explore a specific field.

Understand the requirements     

Checking the course and assignment requirements to submit during the learning program is a must. Learn what the program expects from you so that you will save time and effort.

It would help if you considered many factors so that you can finish the course and fulfill the requirements. If you're full-time at work, ponder if you can allot adequate time for the course and the exams required by the online course.

Check if the digital online course is authorized and trustworthy.

Research the history and background of the online marketing course you plan to take. Was it founded by an individual or a company?

You may determine if the company is legit and reputable by reading feedback or comments from people who have used their services. This approach is an excellent way of learning about their reputation in the field.

Choose courses based on your preferred format and schedule

Decide if you can allot enough time to finish the digital marketing course. Some programs offer a classroom-like experience, while others allow you to study at your convenience.

Moreover, online certification courses on online marketing feature so-called peer-graded homework. They require you to submit homework timely to get a certificate.

For this reason, it's a must to devote some time to accomplish the homework so that it can suit your schedule. You can also check the duration of the course, so you can have an idea and adjust accordingly, if necessary.

You may also choose self-paced courses if you're a working professional. Alternatively, you can take up online marketing certifications purposely for working professionals from credible institutes.

Depending on your specialization, such programs extend from four days to a few months.

Does the online course offer a potential career opportunity?           

If your purpose is to pursue an online marketing career once you finish the course, you must determine if the program can offer you a potential career opportunity.

Selecting a course that provides career coaching after auspiciously finishing the program is critical. It's beneficial in helping you become a professional digital marketer in the future.

Pick the latest courses with numerous projects and modules

Mastering the latest practices can help you advance in the digital marketing industry.

It would help if you mastered mobile-friendliness, the latest updates on Google's search engine results page, and voice search to take up an advanced Search engine optimisation course.

Similarly, the advantage of courses with multiple projects and modules is that you can master advanced concepts regarding many different aspects.

For instance, you can learn how search engine optimization coordinates with your firm's marketing plan and business strategy. Hence, mastering web analytics, content marketing, etc., is necessary.

Compare the instructors and payment structure.

Having enough budget to complete an online marketing course is essential, particularly if you want a course offered by a reputable and prominent digital marketing institute.

Mentors and trainers from top-tier institutes charge higher rates since they are knowledgeable, skilled, and experts in devising the curriculum with vast experience.

The best digital marketing courses are pricey because they offer technical mentor support. Likewise, their trainers assist online marketing professionals in conducting interviews via mock interview preparations.

Select the online course by reading countless customer reviews.

Just like when you're buying products online, the first thing you do is read customers' feedback, testimonials, or comments to learn more about the product.

The same holds true when picking paid or free digital marketing courses. You can learn more about the institute or program from someone who has experienced their programs.

Reading more reviews can help you make a well-thought-of final decision before enrolling in the course.

What valuable lessons to learn while I'm enrolled in paid or free online marketing courses?

You can learn many lessons from online marketing classes, all centered on preparing you to enjoy career advancement and succeed in the field you want to explore.

Online courses will teach you to take advantage of technological advancement since digital marketing is limitless.

You will unveil unique marketing techniques and an extensive array of career options you can consider, unleashing your creativity and hidden skills.

Learning online allows you to study the fundamentals of digital marketing whenever and wherever you are, regardless if you work full-time, teaching you the right tools to survive the tight competition in today's business world. 

If you search for things and services online, you'll quickly obtain a deep-rooted understanding of diverse online marketing fields and pursue the one that suits you well.

Digital marketing courses will help you determine and examine every course so that you can discern where your penchant lies.

And, since eLearning courses have various games and quizzes that keep things exciting and beneficial for you, you can learn something new every day, honing your thinking ability and creativity and widening your imagination.

You will enjoy the modern way of learning digital marketing courses because mentors explain the lessons in detail with innovative videos and true-to-life visuals.

Online education allows you to balance your personal life and studies since you can study at your own pace, which means it doesn't meddle with other vital tasks or schedules. That said, you learn to prioritize the things that matter the most.

Lastly, using modern multimedia tools, apps, and devices also train you to become more knowledgeable in technology, which means you can keep up with the advancement in careers and businesses.

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, the internet is not merely for entertainment but also an excellent source of learning, specifically in digital marketing.

People who want to further their knowledge and skills to advance their careers can attain certifications and reasonable degrees that are acknowledged worldwide.

Online courses are more convenient and comfortable, enabling you to study in the comfort of your home, according to your preferences and availability.

In particular, learning digital marketing courses online can prepare you for a very worthwhile professional life.

Additionally, it helps strengthen your brand by utilizing various online digital tools and apps.

Today's technological advancement has unquestionably made studying and acquiring valuable information more exciting, engaging, and less hassle, preparing you for the rapidly fluctuating trends and stiff competition in the coming years.