The Growth of Virtual Sports in Lithuania

  • 2023-06-02

Fantasy or virtual sports are computer-produced graphics games such as table tennis, football, horse racing, off-road racing, go-karting, and so on. These games feel like the real deal, but a computer generates them. Over the past couple of years, virtual games have been gaining ground, particularly in Lithuania. 

In 2020, the estimated global return from the virtual sports industry was around $12 billion. Today, the figure is much larger, and it isn't going down. With virtual sports, even when some of the top leagues are not in season, punters can still place wagers on their favorite sports and get completely fair gameplay thanks to the advanced RNG algorithm. 

If you are curious and wondering why the virtual sports industry is rising, you've come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be elaborating on some of the reasons behind the growth of the virtual sports industry. 

Why Are Virtual Sports So Popular? 

For several years, fantasy sports were a section of online gambling platforms many punters weren’t interested in. But with the lockdown period when no sporting event took place, it started gaining ground as a viable market. Soon its popularity spread past the lockdown, and more Lithuanian punters are beginning to participate in virtual sports events in Lithuanian online casinos more than even the real deal.