The Best Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunities

  • 2024-07-10

Anyone who has explored investment opportunities over the last decade and beyond will have considered cryptocurrency. The decentralized alternative to fiat currencies offers a variety of benefits to users, and those who invested at an early stage have seen incredible returns on investment for successful crypto examples.

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and is still the most well-known. At its launch, the unknown entity held an extremely low value with one unfortunate computer science student selling 5,050 Bitcoins for approximately $0.0009 each.

To put this into context, if they held onto this and sold at the cryptocurrency's peak of $71,166 on the 7th of June 2024, they would have made $359,388,300. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

There are still exciting investment opportunities available with established crypto offering a less risky option. However, investing in well-established cryptocurrencies is unlikely to see the kind of returns that created so many wealthy investors.

Instead, identifying the best new crypto to buy before its value begins to rocket could see big returns for smaller investments. 

Crypto expert Alan Draper advises potential investors to thoroughly analyze new cryptocurrency by looking at the price potential, token holder growth, project vision and roadmap, and its social media presence.

Investing in crypto will always carry a high risk, but there is also the potential for big rewards. Because of this, we have listed some of the top new crypto projects that might interest you.

While there are no guarantees that a new cryptocurrency will succeed, carrying out due diligence will help to mitigate risks and provide an investor with the best opportunities on the market.

Pepe Unchained

Pepe Unchained (PEPU) is a great new option for investors because of its low fees, security features, and speed. layer 2 blockchain provides speeds 100 times faster than alternatives like Ethereum. 

More than $2.2 million was raised in 19 days during the presale period, and it started off with a value of $0.008.


PlayDoge (PLAY) is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency that offers a variety of in-game rewards. $PLAY tokens can be earned via the game that replicates the popular Tamagotchi virtual pet game of the '90s.

This is an excellent option for people who enjoy these types of games and like the idea of benefiting financially from playing. Tokens can be earned by caring for your virtual DOGE pet and battling other users.

iOS and Android users have access to the game with the top performers earning exclusive bonus rewards. There is a 9.4 billion supply of tokens with 50% allocated to the presale at a value of $0.00451.

Base Dawgz

Base Dawgz is another great example of the popularity of meme coins. These options provide an instantly recognizable theme, and this option is interoperable with Avalanche, BSC, Ethereum, and Solana.

The unique concept sees users rewarded for connecting accounts with their X (Twitter) accounts and sharing content. This marketing ploy will help with brand awareness during its early phase.

Early investors were rewarded with the lowest $DAWGZ price of $0.00479 during the presale. This model encourages early adoption and ensures strong investment during early rounds.

Mega Dice Token

Crypto gambling enthusiasts may already be aware of the Mega Dice crypto casino that offers betting on traditional casino games and sports betting markets. It is entering the crypto market with the DICE token and operates on Solana's blockchain. 

The token is designed to power Mega Dice's gaming ecosystem and includes bonuses for users including in-game rewards and exclusive NFTs. Its integration in an already established business model gives it a good start and its starting price of $0.069 during its April pre-sale represented good value for money.


AI has been making headlines in recent years for its ability to streamline processes and simplify various tasks. Of course, it has also drawn criticism for threatening many creative industries, but there is no doubting its impressive potential.

WAI offers users the opportunity to invest in a meme coin that makes the most of AI technology in a user-friendly way. Token holders will have access to an AI trading bot free of charge.

Rewards were offered to users that stake their tokens during the presale phase and the cryptocurrency was located on the Ethereum chain. Its starting price was set at $0.0003045 to give early investors the best chance of a high ROI.

Shiba Shootout

The SHIBASHOOT coin is a community-based, fun-themed new option with a cowboy Shiba Inu as its central character. Users can earn tokens by sharing posts on social media and increasing their team.

The gamification of crypto is another development that has helped its growth and made it a more fun and inclusive industry. 

35% of the 2.2 billion tokens available were allocated during the presale process with a starting price of $0.0187.


Starting out as an educational platform for crypto users, 99Bitcoins has made the logical step to launch the 99BTC coin via a learn-to-earn program. With a ready-built platform and more than 700,000 users, they had the perfect launchpad for a project like this.

Users can explore interactive learning facilities including seminars, quizzes, and modules on the platform, earning tokens as they complete different assessments.

This is a great project for people entering the crypto market as it encourages them to learn more as they go.


The CHOC meme coin is a food-themed option that provides users with transparency and the opportunity to win great rewards based on their investments.

Users can win an SOL token if they are in the top 200 buyers, those in the top 100 have the opportunity to win MacBooks, PlayStation 5s, and iPhones, while the top buyer will be rewarded with a Tesla!

Taking the time to learn more about all of these options is essential if you are serious about your investment, while others might be happy to just buy randomly and hope for the best.

Whitepapers and social channels can be a great way to source information, and external, unbiased reviewers can also provide impartial advice that gives potential investors a better idea of an opportunity's suitability.