The Best Casinos the Baltic Countries Have to Offer

  • 2023-01-10

One of the first things that visitors to a country often look for is a casino. The chance to play and bet some money at the casino is a key nightlife attraction for many.

It is not hard to understand why they should feel that way. A good casino has a warm, welcoming atmosphere and promises an evening of excitement and with these great slots tips, the potential of winning big. 

The popularity of casinos among visitors and local people make them a must for most cities. That is true of cities in the Baltic nations too, although gaming was only legalised in some quite recently.

Tourists will find casinos in the Baltic region a bit different, but trying something new is part of the fun. These are the ones to sample.

1. Olympic Voodoo Casino – Latvia

Latvia is home to approximately 100 casinos, but roughly half are based in its capital city of Riga. That volume means you need to be able to discriminate and the Olympic Voodoo Casino is definitely one to focus on.

You will find it within the luxury Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija and it features a gaming floor that covers 24,000 square feet. That space has been exploited to the maximum.

If you enjoy table games such as Blackjack or Poker, you will not be disappointed in your visit to this casino. There are 16 on offer here, including Blackjack, Open Poker and American Roulette.

It is the slot machines that many love most though. The Olympic Voodoo recognises that and has fitted 95 machines into its gaming space.

They range from video poker slots and video reels, to traditional slots. 

Top Tourist Tip: This is the biggest casino in the Baltic regions, it’s open 24/7, with all of the major sporting events from around the world broadcast at the OnlyBet sports bar.

2. City Casino – Estonia

Gaming is massively popular among the younger generation in Estonia. That is reflected in the nation’s casinos, which tend to be very bright and lively places.

The City Casino is probably the one with the finest reputation in the country. It is located within the city of Tallinn and is right in the very heart of it, at the unusually named Coca Cola Plaza.

That shows the influence of the United States culture on modern, urban Estonia and you will see that within this casino too. It is a place where the slots rule the show.

The gaming floor is dominated by cutting edge video slots games. These are linked up to jackpot systems on multiple levels and a win can be very lucrative indeed.

It is not all about the gaming at the City Casino though. The lounge and bar areas are opulently designed and appealing, full of the hippest young crowds.

It is a great place to meet fun people in Tallinn at the start of a night on the town.

Top Tourist Tip: If you’re planning on being a regular throughout your trip, it’s worthwhile getting a CityCasino customer card so you can collect bonus points and participate in raffles.

3. Olympic Casino – Lithuania

The only gaming to be found in Lithuania used to be in very dubious betting parlours that were part of the underworld. Not any more though, as casino gaming is completely legal there now.

It is also very well regulated and only sizeable casino organisations are licensed. That ensures the top venues like the Olympic offer very fair gaming.

The Olympic is the single largest casino in Lithuania and is in the Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva, in the city of Vilnius. The selection of table games that are on offer is very impressive, with Blackjack and American Roulette, plus a lot of poker.

That game is prioritised on the gaming floor and players will find Club Poker, Texas Hold’em and Russian Poker there. This is a casino where poker tournaments are often held too. 

Visitors will also encounter more than 80 different slot games. It is not just gambling at the Olympic though; it is an entertainment powerhouse that hosts brilliant live music concerts and other events that are free for tourists.

Top Tourist Tip: This venue is renowned for the OlyBet Sports Bar and Grill. It’s the ideal place to combine fun, sports and brilliant food! The luxurious Jasper grill prepares both European and American cuisine, catering for the needs of everyone.

4. Empire Casino and Lounge – Latvia

Latvia is home to more than one great casino and the Empire Casino and Lounge makes for a fine alternative to the Olympic Voodoo. Again, it is in Riga, but within the lovely Old Town district of the city.

This is a highly glamorous venue with traditional casino decor and it contains all of the standard favourites among its games selection. As with many of the other fine Baltic casinos, the Empire is ideally suited for an entire evening of entertainment.

If you want a break from the gaming floor, why not head to the bar and restaurant area to try a cocktail from the menu. 

Top Tourist Tip: The casino regularly features live DJs spinning tunes that you can dance the night away to after you have finished gambling.

Any one of these casinos in the Baltic countries will make for a great way to spend a night out.