The difference between a Baltic and an English casino

  • 2022-09-27

Open European borders allow gamblers themselves to choose even a land-based casino. If we talk about online space - any casinos not blocked by gamstop are open to anyone interested in such leisure. To try all sites in search of the best does not allow the variety of proposals. That is why the regional peculiarities of the rules and service is worth knowing in advance.

Features of the UK gambling industry 

UK before leaving the European Union was the engine of the gambling industry and at the same time its brake. It was the representatives of the UK in the International Commission on Gambling Industry Management sold a lot of restrictive measures, which should prevent addiction: 

A ban on advertising for gambling establishments, including on the Internet;

strict requirements for user verification and raising the age of access to casinos;

Rejection of many bonuses, popular up to that point in the British online casinos. 

The idea, which was actively considered until 2017, was a common self-limit registry system, also tested in the UK. According to the authors' idea, there was to be a common base of citizens throughout the European Union who, for whatever reason, cannot play in casinos. Those were both casino violators, and recipients of social pensions (money from the state cannot be spent on entertainment), and citizens who independently decided to give up gambling. Additional services could be added to the registry upon application by relatives or doctor's orders - this would allow not to let incapacitated or diagnosed gamblers into gambling halls. Although the EU rejected some of the proposals after Brexit, in Britain itself almost all of the innovations are in place. And so the Gamestop system (so far on an advisory basis) works. 

The government is doing everything to make sure that the total number of players decreases, especially in the context of the economic crisis. It understands that in the case of excessive spending on entertainment, which can drag on, will have to provide material assistance and solve problems. And in this case, according to lawmakers, the situation is easier to prevent.

In terms of land-based casinos, the British government is following the same direction - gambling halls should only be available to people who can actually afford such entertainment. There should be few casinos - obtaining a license, especially for new entrants to the market, is made as difficult as possible. When assessing the possibility of opening a slots hall, a betting shop or casino in a city is considered not only the reputation of the company applying, but also the social cross-section of the population. If the Commission seems that the nearest casino is not too far away and affluent citizens can get there without problems, the application will be rejected. 

The casino service is not affected in the best way. Realizing that there is almost no competition, British gambling halls do not actively develop, do not invest in bonus programs. 

Features of the gambling industry in the Baltic countries 

The Baltic triad Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia joined the number of countries where gambling is allowed only in 2017. At the same time, a full-fledged legislation of its own was not even proposed. The administration took some points from the documents of European regulators, and some - from the rules of offshore regulators. In a rather chaotically signed recommendations can be traced the main goal - just to bring gambling halls out of the shadows. Users of such policy on the hand, - as in the casinos in Malta or Curacao in the Baltic slot clubs you can get a no deposit bonus. Even at £10 free no deposit casino UK 2022 you can not count on, - such forms of incentives in Europe are not welcome.  

The very rules of registration of entrepreneurs are also much more loyal. The fee is modest, and there are no restrictions on the saturation of the regions with representative offices. As a result, you can play on the slot machines in almost any city in Latvia or Estonia. Although the quality of such projects is inferior to the British. 

The difference between a Baltic and a British casino

In the Baltics, it is easier to get a license, but it also provokes the addition of a number of gambling halls. There are indeed a lot of them, both in the online format and in the land form. Projects are forced to compete with each other - poor service in a small country would cause irreparable damage to reputation. As a result, casinos offer both good bonuses and quality friendly support. The same cannot be said about British projects - players unused to such attitude may have the feeling that they are not welcome. In return, British clubs offer guaranteed payments and automatic payment of taxes. Whether this is worth the opportunity to receive bonuses is up to the player to decide. There is no prohibition on playing in any of the halls in these countries.