Body parts of those who may have died in plane crash off coast of Ventspils have been found

RIGA - Human body parts were found in the Baltic Sea before dark on Monday, which are probably from those who died in the passenger plane disast...

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Police have launched criminal process in connection with plane crash off coast of Ventspils

RIGA - The State Police have started criminal proceedings in connection with the passenger plane disaster in the Baltic Sea near Ventspils, Mada...

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Things should you know about gambling laws and the gambling scene in Latvia?

The Gambling and Lotteries Law of 2005 created a framework for all gambling operators, be it land-based or online, so the operators can legally ...

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The Most Incredible Sci-fi Slots of All Time

We are sure all have watched Godzilla, Terminator 2, Back to Future, Cowboys & Aliens or Star Trek. Guess what they have in common! They are...

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The 3 most popular Winter Sportsmen of Lithuania

Directly after gaining independence from the former Soviet Union, sport in Lithuania is administered and run by the "Department of Physical...

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Bigbank Issues Unsecured Subordinated Bonds with 8% Interest Rate and Intends to List Them on Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange

Today Bigbank, a provider of digital banking services on European markets, announced a public offering of bonds in Estonia, Latvia, and ...

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Can the Balts play in online casinos in Canada and is there any benefit in it?

Today, there is no shortage of online casinos in Canada. Gambling lovers can choose any option, depending on which games they like the most. How...

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7 Salient Benefits Of Internet Poker

Poker has existed for hundreds of years and has undergone some specific advancements, some of which became more spontaneous within the last thir...

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How Cryptocurrency Is Changing The Face Of The Online Casino Industry

The world is edging towards sustainable systems that do not only cut costs but also make life easy, as it is for cryptocurrency. The gambling in...

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