Wagner's presence in Belarus raises hybrid warfare threat - Latvian president in Vilnius

VILNIUS - The presence of the Wagner mercenary group in Belarus raises the risk of the use of hybrid warfare methods, including the infiltration...

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Riga mayor Martins Stakis: “I want to open Riga to the world much more!”

When asked by The Baltic Times Magazine to name his biggest accomplishments in mayoral office, Martins Stakis, the mayor of Riga, the L...

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Building bridges beyond borders: how the Belarusian tech community fosters solidarity and innovation abroad

Belarus faced a rigged presidential election in the summer of 2020, with opposition candidates systematically removed from the race. Following t...

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Baltic policy coordination crucial in current geopolitical situation - Rinkevics

RIGA - Joint policy coordination among the Baltic States is crucial in the current geopolitical situation, Latvian President Edgars Rinkevics sa...

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Russia’s future: if Putin is ousted, forget the risk of an even worse dictator!

I never thought that the Soviet Union would persist. It was just too cruel and inefficient. I thought the repressed Baltic people would regain t...

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Citadele Becomes First Bank to Offer Green Savings Account, Financing Sustainable Projects in the Baltics

Following the example set by Western European countries, Citadele has introduced a savings tool which is new to the Baltics: the Green S...

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Russia uses criminal tactic to weaponize food - Rinkevics

RIGA - Russia's withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative and the latest air strikes on the Odesa region, including the port, are yet a...

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Ukraine will soon try to attack the Crimean bridge again, trying to destroy the railway section - Major Slaidins

RIGA - Ukraine will try to attack the Crimean bridge again in the near future, trying to destroy the railway part of the bridge, Major Janis Sla...

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Robertas Dargis: “New investors are no longer looking at Lithuania”

Lithuanian industry surprised with its results throughout the crisis period. Lithuania's gross domestic product grew by 1.9 percent last yea...

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