Ukraine will soon try to attack the Crimean bridge again, trying to destroy the railway section - Major Slaidins

  • 2023-07-18
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Ukraine will try to attack the Crimean bridge again in the near future, trying to destroy the railway part of the bridge, Major Janis Slaidins, staff officer of the Latvian National Guard, told LETA.

Russia is "trembling" over the bridge and doing everything possible to protect it, and the weekend strike has once again "dented" their confidence.

From a military point of view, the Russians have one of their supply arteries damaged, but at the same Russia's capabilities cannot be underestimated, because besides the land corridor there is also the ferry traffic and the railway part of the Crimean bridge.

"It looks like the task was only partially accomplished, as the railway bridge, which is much more important than the road bridge, was also targeted," the expert stressed.

Ukraine's task, however, is to try to weaken the supply of Russian forces, and the existence of the bridge is Russia's main supply artery.

The expert believes that the Ukrainians will try to attack again in the near future, as it looks like the job is not done and the next target will be the railway bridge, as Russia's supply is mainly based on railways.

Slaidins believes that Ukraine has the weapons to destroy this type of infrastructure. "It looks like they could try to use British Storm Shadow missiles or the French analogue. Such missiles pose a challenge to Russia's air defenses, as they can change altitude and direction," the expert added.

The missiles are fired from aircraft, meaning that the aircraft itself is more at risk when it comes closer to Russian-held territory.

The expert is convinced that the destruction of the railway would lead to even more intensive actions by the Ukrainian armed forces and would prevent the Russian forces from fully meeting their needs.