Russia is positioning itself as a global partner after the U.S. Afghanistan debacle

As many commentators have pointed out, the withdrawal of United States-led forces from Afghanistan has done lasting damage to the reputation of ...

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Lithuanian haulers looking to relocate to Latvia

Faced with a shortage of truck drivers and disruptions in logistics chains, Lithuanian haulage companies are considering moving their businesses...

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COVID smell loss can have profound effects on your life, from weight change to intimacy barriers

It took a while to be officially recognised, but smell loss eventually became known to be one of the defining features of COVID-19. It’s n...

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Alexander Litvinenko: court judgment on assassinated Russian spy has cross-border implications

The European court of human rights has ruled that Russia is responsible for the 2006 assassination of Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in the UK...

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Estonian MP says that Lithuania has no long-term plan on China

Vilnius has no long-term plan amid its diplomatic confrontation with China, Marko Mihkelson, head of the Estonian parliamentary foreign affairs ...

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How soon could carbon capture technology solve industry CO2 shortages?

The recent spike in natural gas prices has closed many plants that make fertiliser in the UK – sending a shockwave through lots of other i...

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Ernestas and Darina from Dream Team Travels: “We really think that Lithuania should promote itself!”

Ernestas Tyminas, from Lithuania, and Darina Karpitskaya, from Ukraine, met after an airplane broke down in China. From the first day, they fell...

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Latvian Coalition agrees on main points of 2022 budget

Latvia's four-party government coalition has reached a political agreement on the 2022 budget, Prime Minister Krisjanis Kariņs (New Unity) t...

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Lithuania, Poland to seek EU funding for border fence

Lithuania and Poland will seek EU funding for the construction of a fence on the border with Belarus, the Lithuanian Interior Ministry said on S...

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