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Immigration quotas for foreign workforce should be reexamined

According to Estonia's new Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Minister Rene Tammist, expanding foreign workforce immigration quotas...

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Good oligarch, bad oligarch

With concern growing in the United States and Europe over Russia’s so-called oligarchs and the money they have stashed abroad, it is worth...

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Latvia's Russian Union leader Zdanoka barred from running in Saeima elections

The Central Election Commission on Tuesday decided to remove Tatjana Zdanoka, the leader of Latvia’s Russian Union, from the party’s...

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Unique Tallinn museum will keep apologists of communism at bay

The opening of an international research centre and museum of communist crimes to be located in Tallinn’s notorious Patarei...

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Government set to cut Lithuanian Railway's passenger losses

Lithuania's government is taking measures to cut state-run railway company Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai's (Lithuanian Railways) losses linked ...

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Lithuania's Tripartite Council postpones decision on raising minimum wage

Lithuania's Tripartite Council, uniting the government, some employers and trade unions, has failed to agree on increasing the minimum month...

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Latvain Finance minister: Anti-money laundering office has been the weakest link

Latvia's top anti-money laundering institution, the Office for the Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds Derived from Criminal Activity (Cont...

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MEP Toom compares year 1940 in Estonia with today

Member of the board of the Estonian Center Party and MEP Yana Toom in a Russian talk show aired on August 26 compared the events of the year 194...

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Close to 32,000 register for Holy Mass with Pope Francis

A total of 31,902 people have registered for the September 24 Holy Mass with Pope Francis in Aglona, including people from abroad, the Informati...

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Half of Lithuanians are not physically active

Half of people in Lithuania are not physically active, a 2017 Eurobarometer survey has revealed. 51 percent of respondents in Lithuania said the...

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