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After warning from Brussels, Lithuania considers easier party membership

Lithuania's government is considering simplified membership in political parties of Lithuania for citizens of other countries of the Europea...

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Number of counterfeit banknotes and coins discovered in Latvia in 2017 grows 11 per cent

Altogether 1,749 counterfeit banknotes and coins were discovered in Latvia in 2017, which is a growth by 11 percent from 2016, yet Latvia is sti...

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Latvian PM: European countries must be open to different opinions

Countries in Europe must be open to opinions of other countries, even if those opinions differ from their own, Latvian Prime Minister Maris Kuci...

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Russia permitted to have more voting precincts in Lithuania

 The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, January 24, gave the green light for Moscow to increase the number of voting precincts in Li...

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Constitutional court rules ceiling on maternity pay are okay

Lithuania's regulation that sets a ceiling on the amount of maternity/paternity pay does not run counter to the Constitution, the Constituti...

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President in Davos warns against globalist-protectionist divide

Lithuanian President Dalia GrybauskaitÄ— warned against a widening divide in the world between protectionist countries and free trade advocates a...

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airBaltic to launch Riga – Almaty in summer

The Latvian airline airBaltic will launch a new summer seasonal route between Riga and Almaty in Kazakhstan on April 29, 2018. The new route wil...

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Parliament panel wants external audit of national broadcaster's finances

The Lithuanian parliament's acting commission for scrutiny of the national broadcaster's operations decided at its first meeting on Janu...

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Government to categorize hospitals in five levels

The Latvian government has decided to categorize hospitals in five levels.According to the healthcare reforms, the Ministry of Health wished to ...

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RB Rail: This year's focus will be on developing Rail Baltica construction design

This year the main focus in work on the Rail Baltica railroad project will be on developing the project’s construction design and doing re...

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