Icebreaker Botnica working in Canadian Arctic replenishes stocks in Tallinn

The Estonian icebreaker Botnica  arrived in Tallinn early on August 27 to replenish stocks and replace the crew before heading back to the ...

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Participants of Mission Siberia‘18 return to Lithuania from Kazakhstan

Participants of Lithuania‘s 17th Mission Siberia expedition returned to Lithuania from Kazakhstan on July 29. Mi...

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European Development Days aim to empower women worldwide

As far as global development is concerned, no other event in recent history matched perhaps the scope of the European Development Days (EED), wh...

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Neringa Rekasiute: My goal is never to create a scandal, but to contribute to the betterment of society

She’s surged in the world of photography like a tidal wave, and at just 29 has already carved a significant niche for herself in it. With ...

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Four million visitors expected to attend Wild Souls

One couldn’t help noticing the heightened security arrangements in place around the Museum d’Orsay in Paris, which swarmed with heav...

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Bears, Black Balzam and Beijing: two years as an Englishman in Riga

Louis Dowling, a school teacher originally from the UK, has spent the past two years living and working in Latvia. In this article, he write...

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A jubilant Latvian community in Minneapolis makes church more accessible

Far from Riga in the American city of Minneapolis the Latvian choir and congregation are sitting in the pews of the St. Paul’s Latvian Eva...

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An American in Latvia: a visit to Daugavpils

In February 2016, BBC Two broadcast a film called “World War III: Inside the War Room” in which 10 political, diplomatic and militar...

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