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Lithuanian MP budges amid calls to resign

Gintaras Steponavicius of the Lithuanian Liberal Movement says that he would not step down as a  Lithuanian parliamentarian despite calls f...

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Court upholds Irish citizen’s conviction for attempted support to terrorists

Lithuania’s Court of Appeals found Irish citizen Michael Campbell guilty of attempting to finance and support terrorist operations and oth...

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PM: Lithuania should overcome Latvia in competition battle for Chinese investments

Lithuania should overcome Latvia in the competition battle for Chinese companies’ investments in the transport and logistics sector, Lithu...

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2016 upswing in residential market only a little below 2004–2007

The year of 2016 has played out as a very good year for the Lithuanian residential market, with the country’s region seeing a quicker grow...

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UK Latvian Ambassador: Although nothing is set in stone yet, no need for worries

The British Ambassador to Latvia, Sarah Cowley,  is the opposite of most  people’s idea of an  ambassador.   Youn...

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Regional culture festival dedicated to Latvia’s Centenary to take place in Ireland

A regional culture festival in Europe dedicated to Latvia’s Centenary will take place in Ireland from April 28 to May 1, offering visitors...

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One of Tallinn’s key malls set to expand and add new facilities

Ulemiste Keskus, a large shopping center situated in the area of Tallinn Airport, has decided to build an extension of 13,000 square meters by s...

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Support from Uncle Sam that raises questions

Last week Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis received a letter from US President Donald Trump, who I prefer to call the emperor of Trumpistan fo...

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The EU has its share of “little” erdogans and trumps

As editor, I never usually tell our commentators and analysts what topic to discuss. Yet some themes seem to be of special affinity to some. You...

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Lithuanian court orders closure of portal broadcasting Russian TV content

A Lithuanian court has instructed Baltijas Mediju Aliance (BMA), a company registered in Latvia, to discontinue unlawful broadcasts of Russian t...

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