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Europe’s reform opportunity

The Eurozone crisis is far less dangerous now than during its peak years of 2010-2013. Growth has picked up across the European Union, and 5 mil...

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Russian intelligence agencies hard at work to foment anti-NATO sentiment in Latvia

Russian intelligence agencies were hard at work last year to foment anti-NATO sentiment in Latvia, another finding by the Latvian Security Polic...

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Europe’s surprising tech success encompasses Baltics, too

Europe is often viewed as a digital laggard, running far behind the frontier-pushing United States and Asia. But appearances are deceiving. In f...

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International Baltic Ballet Festival offers dance aficionado performances

There’s always a sparkle of excitement in the piercing, warm, kind eyes of  former internationally-known Latvian  prima ballerin...

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Event Guide

ESTONIA April 20-23, XV International Choir Festival Tallinn 2017, Tallinn’s concert ha...

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Movie Guide

Aftermath (2017) – in cinemas from Friday, April 21 A 2017 drama thriller directed by Elliott L...

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Wine & Dine Guide

Valgomasis, Vilnius Valgomasis (in English it means a dining room), a trendy new restaurant in Vilniu...

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Estonia offering Brits continued access to EU funding via e-residency

Estonia is out to lure UK-based academics and entrepreneurs into becoming e-residents with the hope of continued access to EU funding and market...

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Latvian intelligence: Russia has not achieved consolidation of compatriots

Despite all efforts, Russia has not achieved consolidation of its compatriots living in Latvia to implement the desired policy, still, it can be...

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Estonia to improve officials’ awareness of cyber threats

The Estonian Information System Authority (RIA) is about to launch the CybExer cyber hygiene online training platform enabling public sector emp...

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