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A Baltic test for European arms control

Since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in early 2014, its political and military relations with the West have deteriorated sharply. Russian m...

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How Europe should deal with Trump

Donald Trump’s presidency poses a stress test for Europe, for transatlantic relations, and for the world as a whole. Indeed, in many ways,...

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USA – neither moral equivalence, nor ‘a shining city on a hill’

Several weeks ago, President Donald Trump caused outrage, when he suggested that the US and Russia did not differ all that much. In response to ...

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Event Guide

ESTONIA Open till February 24, Tallinn Old Town FoodFest, Tallinn’s Old Town restaurant...

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Movie Guide

Jackie (2016) – in cinemas from Friday, February 24 Jackie is a searing and intimate portrait o...

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Wine & Dine Guide

Equus, Riga Equus, meaning horse in Latin, was chosen to mark the history of the restaurant’s l...

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Lithuanian president voices US vice-president Baltic air defense expectations

Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaite says she updated US Vice-President Mike Pence on the expectations in connection to additional US ...

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Leveling-out classes in Lithuania gives a glimpse into the nation’s governmental policies

Even locals would probably admit that Taurage – a town in the southwestern part of Lithuania, in close proximity to the Russian border &nd...

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Foreign investors consider Estonia as alternative to Finland

Some 30 per cent of the foreign investors who planned to invest in Finland in recent years considered Estonia as an alternative, Eesti Paevaleht...

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Estonian ministry wants register of accommodated non-EU citizens

Interior Minister Andres Anvelt wishes to set up an automatic register of people staying at Estonia’s accommodation establishments in orde...

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