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Foreign Investors Council: Latvia should develop smart immigration policy

Latvia should develop a smart immigration policy in order to solve its labourforce problems, said Marta Jaksona, the executive director of the F...

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Estonian unions call to set tax-exempt income at 66 per cent of minimum wage

The chairman of the Estonian Trade Union Confederation (EAKL), Peep Peterson, forwarded to the leaders of the three parties currently holding co...

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Swedbank manager: Estonia’s system of corporate income tax must remain intact

Swedbank Estonia CEO Robert Kitt, who met with the Estonian politicians negotiating a new coalition deal last week, said his priority at the mee...

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ABLV Bank’s associate AmberStone Hotels sets up subsidiary in Estonia

AmberStone Hotels, an associate company to Latvia’s ABLV Bank, has established a subsidiary in Estonia, the bank said in a statement submi...

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For some Lithuania’s N-plant project is dead, others see it as frozen

A Latvian energy expert says that the Lithuanian energy ministry’s proposal to freeze the Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant (VNPP) project is ...

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Tallinn’s 2017 budget to be 50 million euros bigger

As a result of growing investments, the budget of the city of Tallinn for 2017 will be 50 million euros greater than the budget for this year, D...

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Free Party seeks to reverse VAT hike on accommodation services

The parliamentary group of the Free Party of Estonia on Nov. 14 introduced a bill to ban a planned increase in value added tax on accommodation ...

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Estonia’s social justice score above EU average

Estonia’s overall score for social justice is above the European Union average, it appears from the Social Justice Index. A score of 6.15 ...

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Latvia’s payday loan market staves off money laundering concerns

Latvia, the EU payday loan market’s leader, seems to be gripping the top spot despite the Baltic country’s restraints on the loan is...

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Leonard Cohen: In memoriam of the light of the light

There is the concept in Judaism that defines the essence of light. “What makes light bright, attractive, hopeful, enduring?” asks th...

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