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Credit institutions obligated to react to media reports

Latvian credit institutions will have to take relevant action every time the press reports about new money laundering cases, according to the Fi...

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TV watchdog: State language must be used during Russian-language programmes

The National Council for the Electronic Mass Media (NEPLP) has sent a letter to the public Latvian Television (LTV) urging it to arrange for Rus...

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‘Piano Aristocrat’ averse to rules and settled in solitude

The International M. K. Ciurlionis Music Festival is a highlight of the social calendar of all piano music lovers in Lithuania. From year to yea...

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ESTONIA Oct. 19-22, Tallinn Fashion Week 2016, Kultuurikatel, Tallinn ...

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The Accountant (2016) – in cinemas on Friday, Oct. 28 Oscar winner Ben Affleck stars in the title role of  ...

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Wine & Dine Guide

Sweet Root Restoranas Located in the very heart of Vilnius Monmartre, Uzupis neighbourhood, Sweet Roo...

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Lithuania's outgoing parlt fails to amend labour code - president

VILNIUS - Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite says that the outgoing parliament was unsuccessful in delivering on its promise to revise the ...

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The culinary and cosy delights of Tallinn

When I exited my hotel for the first time in Old Town Tallinn, I almost immediately encountered a man wearing a suit of armour, lumbering up the...

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EU’s prestigious RegioStar Award goes to Lithuania’s ‘Fireflies’ project

On Oct. 11, Lithuania got the European Union’s prestigious RegioStar Award for a business transparency project during the 14th European We...

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US and CEE countries concerned over the Kremlin’s Europe strategy

As Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his 64th birthday in Moscow, members from the foreign/security policy and opinion community from ...

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