• 2016-10-19


Oct. 19-22, Tallinn Fashion Week 2016, Kultuurikatel, Tallinn
Held in autumn, the last of the year’s large fashion events to take place in Tallinn is aptly named Tallinn Fashion Week. Started almost a decade ago, its aim is to bring Estonian designers into the spotlight both at home and to international audiences — the focus here is not so much to showcase new collections according to seasons, as Fashion Weeks do in the larger markets, but to highlight the creativity that this country is producing. As time goes on, perhaps this event will evolve into something bigger with international buyers in the audience. Estonian designers are certainly talented enough! The event program and much more at: www.estonianfashion.eu

Oct. 19-26, 15th International Contemporary Music Festival Afekt, various locations in Tartu and Tallinn
The 15th Afekt is a continuation of the former Estonian Composers’ Festival. The name has changed, as the festival evolved into an international event, and a name focused particularly on Estonia would no longer represent the essence of festival. The festival composers are George Friedrich Haas, a living classic of spectral music from Austria, and Toivo Tulev from Estonia. The central theme is visual music theatre. The main performers are the Klangforum Wien, The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, The Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Nicholas Hodges, Simon Steen Andersen, ensemble Adapter. Visit the festival’s official web page to find detailed information on the program, musicians, locations, and more: www.festivalafekt.ee

Oct. 26, Documentary Screenings Jheronimus Bosch – Touched by the Devil, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn
Over the course of five years the research team travelled the world, visiting such museums as the Louvre, the Prado, and the National Gallery of Art in Washington to make an in-depth analysis of Bosch’s paintings. By using modern techniques, such as X-ray, infrared photography, and multi-spectrum analysis, they allow us to penetrate into the deeper layers of his paintings, thus helping the audience to look at the works of Bosch with new eyes. The research raises the question of whether all of the works are really painted by Bosch. The museum world is waiting anxiously for the results. Is their Bosch a real Bosch? Come find out yourself! The entrance is free of charge. Learn more at: kumu.poff.ee

Open till Oct. 30, Exhibition The River Flows Through Here... Chapters of Tartu’s Art History, Tartu Art Museum, Tartu
The exhibition is one possible version of art history based on the collection of Tartu Art Museum, which gives a bird’s eye view of the changes that took place in Tartu and Estonian art in the 19th and 20th centuries. The creation and legendary works by many artists that introduce the excellent art collection of the museum are on display. An educational program for children and pupils of all ages accompanies the exhibition. Depending on the age, a short art history course can be taken, various assignments fulfilled in the exhibition hall, or “reading” of the art learnt, getting to know one work of art thoroughly. The audience is welcome to participate in the public guided tours, companies, and working teams can book excursions to the exhibition. The exhibition was compiled by Tiiu Talvistu, designed by Mari Kurismaa, graphic design made by Mari Kaljuste. For more information on the exhibition please visit: www.tartmus.ee

Open till Nov. 6, Exhibition “Vicious Circle,” Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn
“Vicious Circle” is a co-operation project between two designers, Raili Keiv (Estonia) and Studio Hanna Whitehead (Iceland). Their starting point is the circle as a geometric form, taking it to different outputs. Both designers have in recent years been interested in experimenting with tableware where tests with uncommon materials, unusual proportions, common everyday details, and humour meet. To learn more please go to: www.etdm.ee

Nov. 1-7, Tallinn Restaurant Week 2016, restaurants in Tallinn
Tallinn Restaurant Week declares the first week of November as the week to celebrate good food and good restaurants. For one week Tallinn becomes a foodie heaven. To explore the yummy menu offered by the best Tallinn restaurants you may visit the official webpage www.tallinnrestaurantweek.ee/2016/ or email: office@tallinnrestaurantweek.ee


Oct. 21, “Celebrating Ella Fitzgerald” Concert, Riga Jazz 2016, Latvian National Library, Riga
This fall, Riga Jazz 2016 will be dedicated to one of the all-time great ladies of jazz — Ella Fitzgerald. In 2017, Riga and the world will mark Ella’s 100th birthday. In concert, Riga Orchestra’s big band will perform such standards as Somebody Loves Me, Fascinating Rhythm, Cheek To Cheek, and many more that were pure Ella. Additional information is available at: www.orkestris.riga.lv and to buy tickets please visit: www.bilesuparadize.lv

Oct. 21-23, Exhibition “Riga Photo Show 2016,” Kipsala International Exposition Centre, Riga
The fifth edition of the biggest pan-Baltic photo and imaging event dedicated to those whose job or hobby is photography or filming! “Riga Photo Show 2016” is the 5th International Photo and Imaging Fair and Forum that will familiarise visitors with the latest offers from manufacturers of photo and video equipment, the latest studio equipment, image processing software, printing equipment, data storage media, as well as various educational opportunities. For more information on the exhibition and tickets purchase please visit: www.bt1.lv

Oct. 22, Placebo Concert, Arena Riga Concert Hall, Riga
Marking their debut platinum album Placebo, one of the brightest British alternative rock bands are embarking on a special tour — 20 Years of Placebo. To thank Placebo’s loyal fans, the playlists will highlight the most successful and popular material, which, needless to say, also will not let down anyone who has never heard anything about the band. “Let’s just say there will be songs in the set that I’ve sworn never to play again. I think it’s time that we purposefully acknowledged what a lot of Placebo fans really want to hear. They’ve been very patient with us since we rarely play our most commercially successful material. A 20 year anniversary tour seems like the right time to do so. That’s our intention. This tour is very much for the fans and a chance for us to revisit a lot of our early material. So, if you want to see us play songs like ‘Pure Morning’ and ‘Nancy Boy’ which we haven’t played in almost 10 years and may not play again, then you’d better come along to these shows! We’ll have some surprises too,” Brian Molko, the band’s front-man, reported. Tickets can be purchased at: www.bilesuserviss.lv

Oct. 26, Concert by Hungarian Pianist Balazs Fulei, Great Guild, Riga
Hungary is famous for its great composers like Ferenc Liszt, Bela Bartok, and Zoltan Kodaly. This evening will bring their best piano music to the Great Guild in Riga. The piano concert by Balazs Fulei will be recorded by Latvia Radio Klasika. The concert is also the Hungarian National Day celebration in Latvia (Oct. 23, 1956). The Hungarian pianist Balazs Fulei is one of the most outstanding musicians of his generation, and one of the most authentic interpreters of the works of Bartok, according to the musical press. He joined in the flow of the international musical life at a very young age, as he has been awarded at several competitions of high prestige. He had his debut recital at the Carnegie Hall in New York. There are over 30 piano concerts in his repertoire, such as Beethoven, Brahms, and all the piano concertos of Bartok. He’s been one of the most employed performers of 2011, the Memorial Year of Liszt. The concert is sponsored by the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight 60th Anniversary Memorial Board. Entrance is free of charge, so pick up your ticket at the ticket office of the Great Guild!

Oct. 29, Opening Concert of World Music Festival PORTA, Daile Music Hall, Riga
PORTA, in its 16th go-round, has a fine lineup for the opening concert, featuring the vibrant vocalist Elza Rozentale and the virtuoso guitarist Kaspars Zemitis. They will share the stage with special guests from New York — the GRAMMY-winning Armenian avant-garde soloist Arto Tuncboyaciyan and the jubilant group Banda Magda, made up of musicians from Greece, Japan, and the US. More information on the festival program and tickets is available at: www.festivalporta.lv


Oct. 21, “Ma Vie Dans La Tienn” Concert by Lara Fabian, Siemens Arena, Vilnius
On Oct. 21, Lara Fabian’s concert in Vilnius Siemens Arena shall commence with a love song full of gratefulness — “Ma vie dans la tienn.” Sensitive, elegant, shy, and as if fluttering above the Earth, the most successful performer of Belgium shall present her new album and program to the audience of Vilnius. Don’t miss the chance to listen to her enchanting voice and hurry up to buy tickets at: www.tiketa.lt

Oct. 21, “Exit to the City 2016” Fashion Games, Loftas, Vilnius
The third extraordinary in-vogue event calls for visitors to break out to the city for stylish trend presentations, mini fashion shows integrated with exclusive visual art performances, and vibes of trendy music that will help visitors dip into the urban vibes. Fashion Games is the platform that unites professionals of different industries and gives them a unique chance to show their innovative way of thinking and excellence. Do not miss this unique, in-vogue event where fashion and trends will “escape” and manifest in beauty, visual arts, and sounds of music. For more information about the event please visit: www.ettc.lt

Oct. 21-Nov. 11, Contemporary Music Festival Gaida, main Vilnius concert halls
Taking place since 1991, GAIDA Festival remains the main, the largest, and the most prominent festival of modern music in Lithuania and in all the Baltic countries. The festival’s aim is to present the most interesting Lithuanian and world music oeuvre, to initiate new projects including top international musicians, and to keep the highest quality criteria as its priority. The festival reflects and presents a broad sweep of the latest creative processes and newest musical tendencies in Europe and the world. GAIDA introduces Vilnius audiences to the finest achievements of world contemporary music, the most famous musicians are invited to the festival, and the most impressive works are performed. GAIDA presents creations from many different genres, from symphonic orchestra concerts to electronic music, innovative multimedia projects, music theatre, sound installations, and club events. The events of GAIDA Festival are always associated with new ideas of modern times, highest quality, and innovations, and take place in the main concert halls of Vilnius: the National Philharmonic, National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Congress Concert Hall, National Drama Theatre, Arts Printing House, Contemporary Art Centre, etc. Learn more about this festival at: www.vilniusfestivals.lt

Oct. 25, Piano Concert by Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius
The organisers of Vilnius Festivals are happy to announce the arrival of a legendary fortepiano maestro Pierre-Laurent Aimard to Lithuania. From Bach to Boulez, from Grammy to the most often downloaded albums from iTunes — such a wide range of creative interests and achievements only partly characterises this worldwide fortepiano celebrity. He knew the majority of legendary XX century creators in person; for the first time a recital of the pianist is organised in Vilnius. Learn more about this concert at www.filharmonija.lt and buy tickets at www.bilietupasaulis.lt

Oct. 26, Concert by Baltic Guitar Quartet 24-4-1, Vaidila Theatre, Vilnius
The ensemble, which comprises three Lithuanians and a Belgian, is now considered one of the leading guitar ensembles in the Baltic region. The Baltic Guitar Quartet has played in over twenty countries, including major venues, such as Berliner Philharmonic. According to critics, the ensemble stands out for its interpretational sensibility and subtle colorfulness of performance while avoiding pretentiousness. The quartet is grateful to a number of musicians, both Lithuanian and foreign, who have helped it to master the nuances of chamber performance. The four guitarists play the instruments custom-made by the famous Spanish master, Manuel Contreras. More information on the concert and tickets is available at: www.vaidilosklasika.lt

Open till Oct. 26, “In the Light of Contemporary Danish Painting” Exhibition, Art Gallery Grafo, Vilnius
Contemporary art gallery GRAFO is proud to announce “In the light of Contemporary Danish Painting” — the group exhibition of three well known Danish painters: Carsten Frank, Christina Blaabjerg, and Bentemarie Kjeldbaek, whose paintings combine playfulness of bright colours and lines, and cold and whiffing futurism with a concept of a modern city. Entrance is free of charge.