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Linkevicius calls for pressure on Kremlin to ensure peace in Eastern Ukraine

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Lithuanian Foreign Minister, Linas Linkevicius has said international community should not demand that the ...

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Latvian Defence Minister - Russian snap military drills "very dangerous" to Baltic states

Latvian Defence Minister, Raimonds Bergmanis, believes Russia’s snap military exercises present a grave danger to Lithuania, Latvia and Es...

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Japan’s Schindler: The spy who became a lifesaver

Chiune Sugihara may not be a widely recognised global name, but during the early days of World War Two, this Japanese diplomat served as his cou...

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No hurry at all

RIGA - On the day that I am writing this commentary, it has been 50 days since we have had an actual Cabinet of Ministers here in Latvia.  ...

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The problem with ‘illiberal democracy’

PRINCETON - Poland’s turn toward authoritarian rule has set off alarm bells across the European Union and within NATO. Since coming to pow...

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The Baltic powder keg

The “Pacific Pivot” has been a catch phrase of the Obama Administration that is intended to signal a refocusing of American military...

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Arts & Events guide

LATVIA THURSDAY, JAN 28 Don Quixote, ballet

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‘The Capital of Empty Spaces’: Dealing with the shrinking of the Great Baltic City

RIGA - It’s a dead-eyed building the colour of a paving slab, set back from the street outside at the end of a pockmarked driveway. Loomin...

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Upholding human development in Latvia

In cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (AmCham), the US Embassy in Latvia, and the Civic Alliance of Latvia, the Annual ...

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Russia’s new dissidents find safe haven in Baltics

Artemy Troitsky has, for 30 years, been the international face of Russian rock music. Yaroslavl-born and Prague-bred, the son of a true-believer...

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