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Foreign policy experts to flock to Tallinn for Lennart Meri Conference

Vilnius was the focus for foreign policy experts in February with its hosting of the increasingly well regarded Snow Meeting and Vilnius Forum o...

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Estonian foreign representations accept requests for e-resident digital identification cards

Starting April 1, Estonian foreign representations, including their consulates and embassies, shall be accepting applications to obtain e-reside...

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President Ilves: Challenges ahead for new government

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves said on Monday March 30 at the inaugural session of the newly elected Riigikogu (the name given to Eston...

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Lietuva in brief

Spying in Klaipeda It seems that barely a week goes by in the Baltics recently without a story circul...

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Protest votes reshape Lithuanian politics

VILNIUS - Protest voting in elections for the Vilnius municipal council and for the councils of other big towns in Lithuania significantly chang...

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Still no news of missing Latvian crew member of sunk Dalniy Vostok: Foreign Ministry

The Latvian Foreign Ministry still has no information about the missing Latvian crew member of the Russian fishing trawl Dalniy Vostok which san...

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Baltics in front line of Information War

When visiting NATO’s Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence — which was established earlier this year in Riga — you wil...

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Russia's misery and the West's perplexity

Poor Russia – here’s a country that once again has embarked on a path to more unhappiness than happiness, more suffering, misery and...

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63% of largest Baltic companies expect turnover increase this year

According to a survey carried out by SEB bank, 63 percent of the 150 largest Baltic companies' CEOs are expecting higher turnover this year,...

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Russia allegedly threatens nuclear force over Baltics, Crimea

 Russia has threatened to use nuclear force against the United States and its NATO allies over Crimea and the Baltic States, in a stark war...

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