Eesti in brief

  • 2015-04-04

A temporary successor to Savisaar

Shortly after the Estonian elections in March, Edgar Savisaar, the Mayor of Tallinn, was rushed to hospital. Savisaar, who is also the leader of Center Party, Estonia’s main opposition party, had one of his legs amputated above the knee — doctors were forced to operate in order to stop the spread of an acute bacterial infection. Considering the seriousness of his illness, and the time that it will take for his recuperation, the Center Party’s board decided unanimously to appoint Kadri Simson as the head of the party until Savisaar’s return.

Commemorating Deportation

On March 25, 1949, over 20,000 people were deported to Siberia by the Soviet forces - nearly 3% of the Estonian population at that time. On the same date this year, one candle was lit on Freedom Square in Tallinn for every man, woman and child deported. Remembrance services were held at St. John’s Church in Tallinn and St. Paul’s Church in Tartu. The victims were mourned all over the country, as the deportations affected all communities living in Estonia. 

Curbing consumption

Tallinn City Council’s long crusade to curb alcohol consumption in the capital continues. On November of last year, Deputy Mayor Merike Martinson announced the project to ban strong alcohol sales in filling stations, in order to reduce car accidents related to drunkenness.

One of the largest vehicle fuel retailers, Statoil, asked for a ruling from the Supreme Court on this matter, stating that the ban was unconstitutional as it goes against the freedom of enterprise. But at the beginning of March, the Supreme Court rejected Statoil’s complaint.

The ban is due to come into effect on July 1.