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Proposed Sillamae plant Estonia's biggest industrial investment since independence restoration

Car fuel will become one of the products that Estonia exports if, in three years' time, businessman Aleksei Skidanov, who has previously bee...

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Lithuania has learned five important lessons from Ukraine conflict: Chief of Defence

As the Seimas (the Lithuanian Parliament) considers the issue of whether conscription should be reintroduced for 19-26-year-olds, the country...

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Vilnius mayor-elect Simasius starts coalition talks with four other parties

The mayor-elect of Vilnius, Liberal candidate Remigijus Simasius has begun coalition talks for the city council with four other parties and says...

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Latvian Interior Minister urges people to avoid Freedom Monument today

As the controversial March 16 commemorations get underway in Riga, Interior Minister Rihards Kozlovskis has said in an interview with Latvian Ra...

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Simasius victory predicted in Vilnius mayoral election

Bookmakers predict that Remigijus Simasius will win Vilnius's run-off mayoral election this weekend. They also forecast that Visvaldas Matij...

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Baltic, Nordic, Visegrad countries unite in support of EU Energy Union

During a sitting in Slovakia, foreign ministers and deputy foreign ministers of Nordic, Baltic, and Visegrad Group's countries expressed the...

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Former Russian ambassador to Latvia: programme was in place to influence elections

The Russian Embassy in Riga and leaders of the political party Harmony have denied allegations recently made by former Russian Ambassador to Lat...

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Lithuanian Parliament votes in favour of joint brigade with Poland, Ukraine

An agreement between the Governments of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine on creating a joint military brigade has successfully passed the first leg...

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New survey: 80% of Estonians support alcohol advertising ban

A study conducted by AS Turu-uuringute AS has found that 80% of the Estonian population supports or rather supports banning alcohol advertising,...

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National Bolshevik activist: ethnic Russians in Baltics mistaken in thinking they can integrate

Many ethnic Russians in the Baltic countries think that they can function perfectly normally there because they speak the languages and get alon...

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