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Estonian tourism business faces hard times as Russians choose other destinations

MOSCOW - The flow of Russian tourists into Estonia has shrunk dramatically over the course of 2015. The depreciation of the Russian ruble, the i...

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The extradition of oligarch M. Ablyazov to Russia

France finally tackled the problem of extradition of oligarch M. Ablyazov to Russia. The said oligarch specialized in financial frauds that caus...

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Alcohol ban to force layoffs, says Lithuanian gas stations

VILNIUS - With a ban on selling alcohol at Lithuanian gas stations set to come into force next January, fuel retailers say  they may have t...

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Lithuania unable to seek compensation from cheating carmaker

VILNIUS - Lithuania will not seek compensation from Volkswagen for environmental damage that resulted from the German carmaker cheating on emiss...

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Russian Roulette: the shot (of vodka) heard ‘round the world

Stolichnaya Vodka (otherwise known as Stoli) has been the trademark of Russia since around 1950.  It’s as Russian a symbol as Jim Bea...

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Estonia was Europe’s biggest exporter of wooden houses in 2014

TALLINN - Estonian wooden house makers exported wooden houses to European countries for a total of 238 million euros last year, which makes Esto...

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EC withholds support for Estonian funding proposal to combat swine flu

TALLINN - The European Commission does not support Estonia’s proposal to increase to 100 or 85 percent co-funding of measures to combat Af...

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#Switch on the European Digital Single Market

Vilnius - The Internet and digital technologies are shaping our world by the day – it is no longer surprising that they reach every walk o...

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Lithuania could begin importing U.S. gas as early as 2016

Lithuania's Energy Minister, Rokas Masiulis, believes Lithuania could begin importing gas from the United States as soon as 2016. &#...

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Passenger ship operators commit to sewage-free Baltic Sea

RIGA - Sewage. Not really a popular topic in polite society. In your own home, you do your business behind closed doors, flush and think no more...

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