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Fierce love in Verona

RIGA - Fierce and skilful swordsmanship is not often a trait that gets associated with ballet

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Taming a beast with tenderness

VILNIUS - Lithuanian singer-songwriter Ieva Narkute is finally pleasing her fans and going on

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Odd Hugo go on tour

TARTU - After their latest performance at the end of October for a rousing crowd in Tartu, Est

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Breaking artistic boundaries in Riga

RIGA - Over the last few decades, artists that have made their body the central focus of their

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Bright stars at the Black Nights Film Festival

TALLINN - The Black Nights Film Festival has grown to be arguably the most well-known Baltic f

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Catching a ride on Brightman’s Dreamchaser

TALLINN - The owner of a gorgeous and amazingly powerful voice, a star of both the opera and p

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New Privatization Agency board elected

RIGA - An emergency meeting of the Latvian Privatization Agency’s shareholders was held

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British Week begins in Riga

RIGA - British Week – a series of events celebrating the traditions and history of Great

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Business’ attitude towards borrowing is improving - Bank of Lithuania

VILNIUS - A survey commissioned by the Bank of Lithuania has shown that for the first time in

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Baltic economies have recovered quickly, but investments remain behind the curve

The Baltic countries have been commended for a quick adjustment of labour costs, increase in e

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