Taming a beast with tenderness

  • 2014-11-05
  • By TBT staff

VILNIUS - Lithuanian singer-songwriter Ieva Narkute is finally pleasing her fans and going on tour to promote her latest album “Svelnesis zveris” (A More Tender Beast) that will be out in the middle of November. Narkute started her budding career in 2007 and has quickly ascended the ranks as one of the premiere singer-songwriters in the country, with her concerts a must for any lover of Lithuanian music.

Her song “Raudoni vakarai” (Red Nights), which deals with the difficult topic of Lithuanian partisans who fought against the Soviets after World War II, quickly garnered acclaim and became an instant classic. Her newest album promises more of same from this Lithuanian performer, such as her emotionally-charged “Kaip tai gali buti” (How Could It Be), which the singer attributes to a recent painful break-up and the thoughts that went through her head during the ordeal.
In a recent article, she said that live concerts are the only thing that musicians still live for on this earth, and her concerts prove the point well – her mystical gaze as she looks out into the crowd from behind the piano has a hypnotizing effect, as her fragile songs course through your veins. Anyone who has had the chance to see her live can attest to the same feeling.

Her Lithuanian tour, which runs from November 14th to November 28th, will take her to seven cities, starting in Marijampole and finishing up in her childhood city of Kaunas.

Various cities across Lithuania For more information go to www.bilietai.lt