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Italian firm set to expand to Lithuania, creates jobs

Italian I.T firm Valuetech plans to open in Lithuania, creating jobs in its wake.

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UN calls for release of captured Estonian intelligence agent in Russia

The United Nations (UN) has called for the immediate release of captured Estonian inte

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Germany, Canada to send troops to Baltic States amid Ukraine unrest

Germany, Belgium, Hungary and Canada could send troops to Latvia in order to strengthe

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Russia condemns Baltic ’attack’ on minority rights

Russia will not accept an 'attack' against the Russian language in the Baltic

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VIDEO: Russian embassy denies claims its supporting Latvians wanting to fight for pro Russia rebels in Ukraine

The Russian embassy in Latvia is allegedly helping Latvian nationals wanting to fight

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Meat prices take a tumble amid swine fever outbreak

The prices of meat products in Estonia will drop due to the outbreak of African swine

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Ukraine crisis will affect national elections in Latvia, says official

The Ukraine crisis will impact Latvia's election results, former Foreign Affairs M

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Ed Sheeran is coming to the Baltics for the first time

Wait for it...British singer, songwriter Ed Sheeran is coming to the Baltics for the f

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Estonia summons Russian ambassador for third time over captured intelligence official

Estonia says it has summoned its Russian ambassador in Tallinn for a third time over t

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Lithuania treats injured Ukrainian soldiers amid conflict in east

Thirteen injured Ukrainian soldiers have been brought to Lithuania for medical treatme

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