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Latvian police launch investigation into missing builder suspected in killing British teenager

Latvian Police have launched an investigation today in to the whereabouts of missing L

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Latvian man suspected in major murder case in UK

British detectives have revealed that a Latvian builder they are searching for in conn

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Estonia accuses Russia of meddling in criminal case of captured intelligence official

Estonia says Russia has pressured captured Estonian intelligence official Eston Kohver

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Revealed: Stunning World War Two secret agent is unveiled as Latvian woman

The British National Archives have revealed the identity of stunning Second World War

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Russian pop singer to turn to courts after being banned from Latvia amid Ukraine crisis

Russian pop singer Joseph Kobzon will turn to European courts after being blacklisted

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More Russian jets near Baltic borders cause for concern, says army chief

The increased presence of Russian jets and warships near Latvia's borders are a ca

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Moscow laying the groundwork for Ukraine scenario in the Baltics, says analyst

The Russian government is laying the groundwork for a Ukrainian scenario in the Baltic

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U.S. firm buys Estonian start up for $100 million

An Estonian start up has been bought by the world's largest manufacturers of 3D pr

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U.S. firm agrees major deal to take over Latvian bank Citadele

U.S. firm Ripplewood Holdings will take over Latvian owned bank Citadele, Latvia's

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Seven Baltic universities among world’s best

A list of the world's top universities includes seven from the Baltic states

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