More Russia warships spotted near Baltic waters

  • 2014-08-08
  • From wire reports, RIGA

Two Russian warships have been detected in the Baltic Sea near Ventspils, Latvia this morning, National Armed Forces say.

The Latvian Navy identified a  Russia's warship Stoiky and towboat Victor Konetsy 12 nautical miles (nmi) from Latvia's territorial waters on Friday.

It's not the first time Russian warships have been observed near Baltic waters although there are no violations in doing so.

On August 3, a Latvian navy boat identified  two Russian warships near Latvia's economic zone. Russia's corvette "Stereguschiy" was located 5.7 nmi from Latvia's exclusive economic zone, while "Kilo" class submarine was detected 1.7 nmi from the zone.

On July 22, the Russian naval ship "Syzran" was observed approximately 6.5 nmi from Latvian territorial waters.
Similar incidents took place on June 24 and June 21, when the Russian naval ships "Soobrazitelny" and "Boikiy" were observed near Latvian waters.

Latvia's Defense Ministry  has said it would be exchanging more intelligence with Lithuania amid the sightings of more Russian warships near its waters.

The naval forces are patrolling the Baltic region 24/7, therefore, additional safety measures are not necessary at the moment.

Russian military airplanes have been observed near Latvia's territorial waters particularly often this summer.