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“Sadly, in Lithuania we vote with our feet, not hands”

Septuagenarian Social Democrat dignitary of the Act of the Re-Establishment of Lithuania&rsquo

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Don’t get too settled in, Mr. Snowden

Greetings Mr. Snowden, welcome to Moscow. I trust you will enjoy your brief stay in Europe&rsq

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The land of interesting people

The gay parade titled Baltic Pride and dubbed “the March for Equality,” which took

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Promoting human rights, with support from the U.S. government

BETTY is an alternative rock group from New York City that got its start in Washington, D.C.

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Joint Baltic Armed Forces

In a recent Latvian national news (LETA) article, there was a short article about Latvian Pres

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Euro-legislators more acquiescent towards Moscow: The Baltics’ exception still stands

A study recently conducted at the Center for EU-Russia Studies [] of the Uni

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Latvia doesn’t have six years to get well again

The Latvian Health Service is in a state of disarray. Make no mistake about it! Having spent t

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EU is reaching its limits in absorbing more member states

Blunt, straightforward, gregarious and, quite unexpectedly for his rank, escapes the redundant

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What a loony ex-pol!

Back in Soviet days, there were two Latvian composers in particular who were known throughout

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Who is interested in scandal in the Italian press?

Scandal in the Italian media related to a citizen of Kazakhstan, Alma Shalabaeva, who was supp

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