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Survival perspectives for the miscellaneous collection of ruling politicians

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite told the magazine Veidas that Lithuania’s new ru

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Government just “warming-up” in the first half-year

Tomas Janeliunas is a much sought-after political analyst of the younger generation, an associ

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Becoming a citizen

When I was born in the United States, I automatically became a U.S. citizen. My parents, who a

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The World, Europe and Latvia in 2013

The new year is a good starting point to predict what political and economic impact there will

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The Change-Up

LONDON - From the world’s worst economic disaster, Latvia has become the International M

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Giving a positive energy on stage

The life of a pop star has a certain glamour to it. Parties, world travel, concerts in front o

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The Age of Post-politics (Part Two)

New power alliances will form from groups of elite representatives of the media, business, sci

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