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A night to gaze at the sky

RIGA - Now that daylight savings time has ended and the amount of daylight has dwindled to nea

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Lithuania urged to maintain direction

VILNIUS - Lithuania’s new government emerging from last weekend’s elections will h

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Hansson commends governments’efforts

TALLINN - European Central Bank Governing Council member Ardo Hansson said governments’

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Merkel enlists euro support from Latvia

RIGA - German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Latvian President Andris Berzins on Oct. 25 an

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The hidden side of Latvia’s ‘Success’ story

Latvia is a land of extremes. In a country where 42 percent of children live at risk of povert

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The invisible side of Latvia’s ‘Success’ story: Life with ‘God’s mercy and the goodness of others’

Latvia’s painful austerity program and recent economic growth is presented to the wo

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Company briefs - 2012-11-01

The Latvian banking sector’s total profit for the first nine months of the year was 119.

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Mexico eyes MegaMatcher solution

VILNIUS - MegaMatcher Accelerator solution and MegaMatcher SDK technology, developed by the co

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SEB report shows optimism growing

PARNU - Several Parnu County companies that are customers of SEB plan to increase their staff

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Farmland remains underutilized

RIGA - The Agriculture Ministry’s Parliamentary Secretary Eduards Smiltens has presented

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