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Member of European Parliament who did not take the bait and will remain in Brussels

Justas Vincas Paleckis, a 70-year-old Lithuanian MEP and a member of the Progressive Alliance

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Revising the Concept of Peace

Last week’s announcement by the Nobel Prize committee that this year’s peace prize

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Copacabana dreams fading

RIGA - Dreams of the Copacabana and the Maracana in the summer of 2014 remain no more than tha

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Working in the Cinque cento factory

Turin - The bond between Latvians and Italians has been strengthening ever since the little Ba

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Premium Rush

Director: David KoeppAlready all over cinema screens over the past few month

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Cold War fashion exhibited in Tallinn

TALLINN - Fashion has often been considered as multi-dimensional and international.  Peop

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Upcoming Events - 2012-10-18

October Rock FestOct. 20 Skonto Hall, RigaSteve

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Arena New Music Festival: Hear the Future?

RIGA - Classical music’s flair for polarizing audiences is notorious. Contemporary music

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Unused potential between Sweden and Latvia

RIGA - Latvian Foreign Ministry State Secretary Andris Teikmanis met with Swedish Foreign Mini

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Estonians press for pay increases

TALLINN - In a fresh economic analysis of Eastern Europe, the Scandinavian bank SEB said that

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