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College, not toys

TALLINN - SEB’s recent pan-Baltic study on the financial security of children reveals th

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PM: Campaigns on granting voting rights to non-citizens are unjustified

RIGA - Campaigns demanding that voting rights be granted to non-citizens during next year'

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European banks remain vulnerable

TALLINN - European banks remain vulnerable and the region's governments need to continue w

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Escaped bear shot and killed

RIGA - Even after found by Ligatne Nature Trails workers, bear Made continued to wander throug

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Latvia praised as important U.S. partner in cargo transportation to Afghanistan

RIGA - During Transport Minister Aivis Ronis' visit to the United States, the U.S. Transpo

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Prosecutor requests 17-year jail sentence for movie theater shooter

RIGA - Prosecutor Jekaterina Kusakova has requested that lawyer Nikolajs Zikovs be sentenced t

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Estonia carefully observes military developments in Russia

TALLINN - Estonian Defense Ministry chancellor Mikk Marran said while speaking at the higher s

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Enterprise Estonia targets Russian tourists

TALLINN - Estonian state-owned entrepreneurship development foundation Enterprise Estonia toda

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Baltics have EU's lowest life expectancies after the age of 65

RIGA - The life expectancy of Latvian residents after the age of 65 is one of the lowest in th

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Degutiene: Lithuanian - Polish relations need a restart

VILNIUS - Lithuanian Seimas Speaker Irena Degutiene said that Lithuania and Poland need to thi

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