Enterprise Estonia targets Russian tourists

  • 2012-04-23

TALLINN - Estonian state-owned entrepreneurship development foundation Enterprise Estonia today launched a marketing campaign in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which aims to introduce Estonia as an attractive and close-to-the-nature destination for spending a summer vacation, Postimes Online reports. The campaign will last till the end of May

Enterprise Estonia tourism development center director Tarmo Mutso said that the spring campaign for Eastern neighbors takes place for the first time. "For many years, we have invited Russian residents to spend Christmas and New Year here. The record growth of the number of Russian tourists and increasing interest towards visiting Estonia has created good grounds for offering them actively vacationing possibilities or summer months too," he said.

Mutso said that anther positive factor is the improving transport connections, especially in the St. Petersburg direction: plane traffic has become more frequent, a new ship route is operating and soon a train will start operating.

In 2011, over 203,000 Russian tourists visited Estonia