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Opening day ready to rumble

RIGA - It’s a scent you never forget. A combination of leather, engine oil and seared me

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Ripoff taxis at Tallinn Airport

Dear TBT:As a service to readers, I wanted to share a bad experience with state-sa

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Stop the social genocide!

The population of Latvia is ageing rapidly. However, this situation is common throughout Europ

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Class truant who got hooked on politics

If not for the shift in history, 40-year-old Vladimiras Laucius, a well-known Lithuanian polit

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Time to be bolder

Latvia’s Minister of Economics Daniels Pavluts published an article (Nacionala industria

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Weak consumption drags on Latvia

RIGA - Latvia is no longer at the edge of an abyss, and there is light at the end of the tunne

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Banks shake off Snoras bankruptcy

VILNIUS - As of Jan. 1, 2012, the assets of operating banks in Lithuania amounted to 79 billio

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Lithuania braced against euro troubles

VILNIUS - Analysts at Danske Bank forecast that Lithuania, as an open economy, will not manage

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Latvia attractive for IT investment

RIGA - Latvia sees great potential in the IT sector coming from partners from far-off lands. C

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In turf war, IT product sales make e-inroads

KLAIPEDA - The number of computer users has shot up by 10 percent over the last year, and comp

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