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2012 highlights

Kanepi powers her way to biggest title of careerEstonian Kaia Kan

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Lithuania’s main ocean-going fishing fleet: ‘Our destroyer is the European Union’

KLAIPEDA and STRASBOURG - Are the European Commission and its fisheries watchdog, Department o

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The fight against fraud and corruption starts with fighting Latvia’s ‘silence mentality’

RIGA - Ilze Znotina is an associate partner at Deloitte Legal and a member of the Association

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The euro – what’s to fear about it?

RIGA ' The question is: do you support the introduction of the  euro into Latvia? For

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Baby statues tell a sad story

RIGA - It is impossible to walk through Old Town Riga without noticing an unusual exhibit near

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The euro – preparing the way

RIGA - The first commitment, when Latvia became one of the countries of the European Union in

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Bidding a dignified farewell to a pet? Not in Lithuania

KLAIPEDA - If you are a Westerner smitten with your four-pawed feline or canine friend, then y

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Unmarried Lithuanians, the happiest clams at high tide, show telltale shift in values

KLAIPEDA - How many Lithuanians happy as clams at high tide do you happen to know? Just a few,

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Where are the Lithuanian schoolchildren?

Hinges on secondary school doors across the country will swivel open less frequently this year

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Average citizen, not government, leads Riga’s development

RIGA - “Fifty percent of commuting will be done by bicycle by 2015,” announced Lor

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