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Upcoming Events - 2011-04-28

Ice and FireApril 29 Arena RigaRichard Bona

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Do you like scary movies?

TALLINN - Boo! Did that scare you? If so, then it would be advisable that you didn’t vis

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Stronger nuclear power standards demanded

VILNIUS - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will draft legislation that would prevent the marketin

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Company briefs - 2011-04-28

The metallurgical company Liepajas metalurgs posted 1.9 million lats (2.7 million euros) in pr

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airBaltic, Estonian Air days numbered

VILNIUS - Vilnius Airport could soon give way to a duopoly of airline carriers, with low-cost

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Lukashenko behind nuclear power push

VILNIUS - Building a nuclear power plant is vital for Belarus, President of Belarus Alexander

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Vormsi seeks independence

TALLINN - The western Estonian island Vormsi aims to create an energy network to become energy

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Plaude-Relingere ordered to pay

RIGA - Last week the Riga District Court ruled in favor of an appeal by Parex Bank and ordered

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Film undustry bets on tax change

VILNIUS - In a bid to hoist the waning Lithuanian film industry into direct competition for fo

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Additional guarantee for the consumers – the Law of the credit for consumers

ECOVIS Miškinis, Kvainauskas ir partneriai advokatų kontoraOn April 1

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