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Planning its long-term competitiveness

TALLINN - The Estonian Development Fund (Arengufond) is a public sector venture capital fund a

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Invest locally

Dear TBT,This is a reaction to your recent article “Private clinics experien

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Political irresponsibility

In Latvia one can speak about political irresponsibility rather than political accountability.

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Culture can change our lives for the better

Diana Civle is head of the Riga 2014 office and of the Artistic Council of Riga. Along with va

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The Death of Multiculturalism?

Among the Latvian nation’s more nationalistically inclined persons, there has been much

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Vigorous recovery at hand

TALLINN - Estonia’s economy expanded at the fastest pace in more than three years in the

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2010 production numbers rebound

RIGA - Compared to 2009, industrial production output in Latvia in 2010 has grown by 13.9 perc

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Foreign money heading back to Latvia

RIGA - Latvia, which had the European Union’s steepest economic decline in 2009, saw for

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It’s almost payback time

RIGA - Latvia plans to refinance the proceeds from the 7.5 billion euro international loan bai

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Number of real estate transactions in Tallinn almost halved in the first month of euro adoption 

TALLINN - Based on the report of the Land Board on real estate transactions and prices, in Jan

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