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Upcoming Events - 2011-08-04

Marky RamoneAug. 4 Rock Cafe, TallinnEl Fuego

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Love is all around

TARTU - The Tartu Love Film Festival (better known as “tARTuFF”) pretty much does

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Sounds of opera sigh over Sigulda

RIGA - We are used to seeing many outdoor concerts which usually showcase the wonders of popul

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Upcoming Events - 2011-07-28

New Wave 2011July 26 – July 31 Dzintari Concert Hall, Jurmala

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Writers and poets descend on Vilnius

VILNIUS - Due to its mysteries, histories and fascinations of the literary, Lithuania’s

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Museum in Rokiskis, the pearl of Lithuania

VILNIUS - Rokiskis, a town of some 17,000 inhabitants, is situated in northeastern Lithuania,

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Upcoming Events - 2011-07-21

Robert Plant and The Band of JoyJuly 25 Island Castle, Trakai

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New Wave flows again to celebrate its 10th anniversary

RIGA - All people who have music in their souls speak in one language. This opinion possibly i

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Summertime, the sea and great music

RIGA - A unique location - right next to the sea - and a program of distinctive artists and gr

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Upcoming Events - 2011-07-14

Retrofest 2011July 15 - 16 Viljandi Jarveotsa stage

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