Summertime, the sea and great music

  • 2011-07-13
  • By Antra Feldmane

READY TO ROCK: The music festival brings top musical acts, such as Royksopp, together this month.

RIGA - A unique location - right next to the sea - and a program of distinctive artists and groups are the features that list the Positivus Festival among the greatest events in Latvia throughout the year. And while being held for the 5th time this year, the festival can also be considered as one of the largest music and arts summer festivals held in the Baltics.
From its beginning [in 2007], the number of visitors has grown to 20,000 people attending the event each day, and a large part of the crowd is from our neighbors - Estonia and Lithuania.

The concept of Positivus Festival stays the same year-to-year. This event completes the important tasks for music lovers and offers the best choice of independent musicians, such as indie electronic group “Hurts” and indie rock band “Editors,” both from Great Britain; dark dream pop duo “Beach House” (USA) and brand new electronic music prodigy “Austra,” from Canada (with some Latvian blood in her through her grandmother). Also, Royksopp, from Norway and beautiful red-headed Lithuanian Alina Orlova are just a small number of performers that are to be added to the concert program.

The event organizers have chosen the best of the Latvian environment possible – the beach at the quaint little fishing village of Salacgriva, on the northern coast of Latvia. This factor not only shows the best example of how to work closely with festival organizers and local government authorities, but also allows for having fun around intimate beach parties on festival evenings.
Bearing in mind that Positivus is also an art festival, Tele2 will offer environment art examples for a second year in a row. Therefore, the five best artworks of new artists were picked in order to present them during the festival. Also, a competition prize of 2,500 Latvian lats (3,557 euros) will be offered to the winner. “This event is also an art festival, and that is why we continued last year’s experience for this competition, which was rather positive for us,” says Laura Ozolina, the manager of Tele2 events.

For nongovernmental organizations, Positivus offers an option to continue their activities. Three units will start their work this year. The “New Architects” society will attract attention to renewable wind energy; youth society “eXperiments” will show how to DIY [do-it-yourself] things from scratch, but “Ritma Instituts” are setting up master classes for DJing and producing.
Overall, the two-day program will satisfy various tastes: both top-quality rock music and intellectual pop music devotees. Every year, the Positivus Festival has several stages for various genre performances - dance and relaxation for everybody!
For example, Tallinn Music Week stage this year is a pathfinder project in order to support Estonian talent for local listeners. The idea is to strengthen the Baltic music stage for independent musicians and to continue to work together, which is mostly one of the success reasons for such small countries as Latvia or Estonia. “Ewert and the Two Dragons,” “Aides” and “Mimicry” are some names for the TMW spot this year.

Despite all the music around, you can also spend your time watching films in a special tent, following plays on the theater stage or just resting in a hammock or on the beach as the Baltic Sea is a perfect place for a lazy swim in mid-July. The Positivus Festival also features crafts fairs full of interesting goods, creative workshops, or yoga lessons. Enjoy yourself until dawn! Musical shows will be followed by dance parties in beach pubs, dance tents and DJ areas. You’ll easily find your tent a few meters distant from the festival area.

Yet it has to be admitted that there are great possibilities for outdoor music events throughout Europe. However, there is no doubt that Positivus is the nearest and, to be honest, the cheapest option for the Baltic region for such a pleasant music constellation. Been there, done that! Let’s do it again!

Festival will be held on July 15 – 16.
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