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Manufacturing hit by slowdown

TALLINN - In September 2011, output at industrial enterprises grew 6 percent compared to the s

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Latvia better off than Greece

RIGA - Greece is currently in a much worse situation than Latvia, which can borrow on internat

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Recapitalization to squeeze Eastern Europe

RIGA - Eastern Europe is at risk of its economies running out of credit as Western lenders may

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Baltics doing the right thing

RIGA - By now it has become obvious that the Baltic countries have been doing the right thing

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Swedbank gives Latvia high marks

RIGA - Over the past two years, the Latvian economy has become better balanced and more flexib

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Lithuania to avoid IMF loans

VILNIUS - Lithuania will not have to borrow from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the pr

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Second leg of recession forecast

RIGA - Latvia, which had a budget deficit of almost 10 percent of gross domestic product in 20

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Rimsevics warns of headwinds

RIGA - Latvia is currently at the crossroads, without any leeway to make mistakes, Bank of Lat

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IMF positive on Latvia’s outlook

RIGA - Latvia’s gross domestic product will expand at least 4 percent as the economy wea

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Consumer expectations threaten recovery

VILNIUS - Swedbank Lithuania’s chief economist Nerijus Maciulis said that household spen

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